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DIY: Fresh Flower Arrangements from Tulipina

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fresh flower arrangement

At the peak of winter weather (Rain, sleet, snow — the works) we often find ourselves craving fresh, clean and colorful style.

Kiana Underwood of Tulipina’s work certainly fits the bill. We’re big fans of her work (see here, here and here for some of our favorites), and these brilliantly hued centerpieces suit our blue Cambria Serving Bowls beautifully.

kiana underwood

Take a look at her refreshing take on DIY flower arrangements for winter, here:
(written exclusively for Inside & Out by Kiana Underwood)

tulipina flower studio
flower arrangement how to

I am always a fan of bucking tradition (in general), and especially when it comes to holiday flower arrangements. There is so much variety to be had outside of red, green, gold, and silver for the holidays. With this in mind, I created a couple of DIY designs that are a bit outside of the norm in terms of both flowers and colors for the season.

arranging flowers how to

how to make a flower centerpiece

flower arranging

This time of year here in Northern California, camellias are in season in all sorts of shapes and colors. So, I thought they would make a lovely addition to this holiday centerpiece. In my opinion, they are just as beautiful as roses.

finished arrangement

The color combination, along with the lovely bowls, makes for a vibrant and cheery centerpiece. The arrangement inside the lighter blue bowl is intended as a corner piece, hence it has more height and variation to it. With each design, there is just enough to tie each distinctly to the holiday season without looking like every other department store or holiday table arrangement.

I hope you have a lovely holiday season!

Floral design and styling by Kiana Underwood
Photography by Nathan Underwood

DIY Easter Centerpiece Featuring Our Wire Bag Baskets

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It’s hard to find a fitting centerpiece for Easter brunch. Spring colors, an informal menu and daytime activities demand something casual, but the holiday still requires something special.


We love how this Easter centerpiece with our Wire Bag Basket encompasses the festivity of Easter without feeling too formal.  Read on to see how the talented Kiana Underwood of Tulipina created this beautiful arrangement to get inspired for your Easter table.

Photography by Angie Cao


1 Wire Bag Basket
Sweet peas
4 to 5 dozen hardboiled eggs
Geranium leaves
1 clear vase (we suggest our long and low Rectangular Vase)


Place the clear vase in the middle of the basket to hold your flowers. Surround the vase with enough eggs so that the vase is no longer visible.


Add a layer of geranium leaves on top of the eggs.


Fill the vase with as many sweet peas as you like, until the arrangement looks full.


That’s it! Easy, affordable and original.

See more DIYs here.







DIY: Pottery Barn Inspired Easter Eggs

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In need of egg dying inspiration? Look no further. We’re loving this DIY from Ashley Pepitone of Camp Makery, who was inspired by the colors, patterns and textures of our latest spring collections. Take a look at her innovative egg designs and learn how to make them, below!

© 2013 | Haley Sheffield |

Photography: Haley Sheffield
Florals: Juli Vaughn

© 2013 | Haley Sheffield |

Pepitone worked with several different color palettes, all inspired by Pottery Barn collections. This blue and white scheme calls out to our beautiful Indigo Collection. Pepitone simply used a set of Sharpies to hand draw patterns onto each egg.

© 2013 | Haley Sheffield |

© 2013 | Haley Sheffield |

“I love using Sharpies for these projects,” she says. “They come in so many colors, and they won’t get on your hands. You can put the egg down and come back to it without worrying about it smearing.” Pepitone suggests choosing an inspiring pattern that isn’t too geometric for these eggs. “Looser patterns mean you won’t be able to tell where you started or stopped,” she says. The pattern above comes from our latest Easter collection.

© 2013 | Haley Sheffield |

Pepitone used several natural dyes to color these beautiful eggs, just like her grandmother taught her. The tan eggs were dyed by boiling them with several black tea bags, and the terra-cotta hued eggs got their color by boiling with the skins from 5 yellow onions. “You can let the eggs soak for as long as you want to get a darker color,” adds Pepitone.

© 2013 | Haley Sheffield |

Each egg has its own pattern or monogram — Pepitone used stickers on the eggs and put the eggs in a nylon stocking tied at the top to hold the stickers in place during the dying process.

© 2013 | Haley Sheffield |

Pepitone simply glued small pieces of faux moss to a green Sharpie outline to create eggs with raised moss accents or monograms.

© 2013 | Haley Sheffield |

“I love the monogrammed eggs because I think they’d make great place markers,” says Pepitone. “You could use faux eggs that you can use year after year, or allow guests to take them home.”

Lucky You! Try These Two, Easy DIY Decorating Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

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Whether you like to dress in green from head to lime polished toes, or prefer a more subtle approach to St. Patrick’s Day, we still believe that you should bring a little luck to your life with festive St. Patrick’s Day decor. Decorate your home with a dash of green to get into the holiday spirit (and avoid getting pinched, too).

We fell in love with these simple, playful decorations from Kelly Lanza of Studio DIY. Clever cutting techniques gives these standard party materials a St. Patrick’s Day twist. Take a look at how she did it, below!


Lanza used honeycomb balls from her local party store to create these shamrock-shaped hanging decorations. Take a look at how she did it (plus, download a free template to help) here.


All you need are streamers, scissors and a steady hand to make these cute little clover garlands. Simply fold the streamers, trace a shamrock onto one side, and carefully cut all but two sides. Check out the full DIY instructions here, at Studio DIY.

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DIY: Easy, Personalized Gift Bags

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For the launch party of our new wedding blog, Have & Hold, we worked with our Brand Packaging Department (who develop all of our amazing gift wrap) to create special gift bags for guests at the event. We were pleasantly surprised at how simple they were to put together, and how beautiful they turned out.

The idea behind these beautiful bags can be adjusted to suit any style or color palette. Take a look at how we put together these easy, customized gift bags below and get inspired to create your own personalized gift wrap at home!

diy6 copy

Here’s how the final result turned out. We filled these bags with white and gold tissue and a few special Pottery Barn goodies for our event.


Here’s what you’ll need to create a similar look:

1. Paper gift bags in the color of your choice (we recommend using a lighter colored paper).

2. A stamp pad and stamp.

3. 2 pieces of poster board. One piece should be cut to size to fit inside your gift bag. The other piece should be cut in a grid to size to fit on top of your gift bag. You’ll use this top piece to make sure your stamped design is even and consistent on all your bags.

4. Gift tags and twine (optional).


Step 1: Place the solid piece of posterboard inside your gift bag. This will provide an even working surface to help you get the best stamped design possible. Place the grid on the top of your bag, as shown.


Step 2: Ink up your stamp. We recommend doing a few practice rounds on a piece of scratch paper, just to play it safe.

PS: We had this stamp custom made in the same design as our new Rayna Paisley print. Isn’t it gorgeous?


Step 3: Once you feel good about your stamping skills, it’s time to start your first bag. Carefully stamp your pattern into each hole that you’ve cut out on your grid. Notice, like this grid, that you may be stamping half of your pattern in some spots. That’s okay! It’s more important that the design and spacing stays consistent.


Step 4: Repeat on as many bags as you’d like. (We hand stamped over 200!) If you have gift tags, tie them on with twine in a contrasting color.

Get more gift wrap ideas on our All Wrapped Up Pinterest Board. 

Read more about our Have & Hold launch party here.

Two Easy Valentine’s Day DIYs from Shop Sweet Lulu

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Valentine’s Day is a playful holiday by nature. With a color palette of pink and red and a theme that revolves around kisses and candy, how could it not? We love how Valentine’s Day encourage us to have a little more fun.

These two adorable DIYs from the Shop Sweet Lulu Blog certainly embody this vibe. Try your hand at one of these easy Valentine’s Day DIYs to bring a little love into your life this February.

Photography: Stevie Pattyn for Shop Sweet Lulu


Make Mini Valentine Balloon Lollies for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. All you need are a couple heart shaped balloons, balloon sticks and some basic craft supplies (streamers, ribbons or any other type of fun flair).


Put it all together for a festive trinket that will make your sweetheart’s Valentine’s Day even more special.



This Candy Ring Tutorial is the perfect DIY for jewelry lovers with a sweet tooth. Stock up on some red, pink and white candy of your choice (if you haven’t already) — we recommend the rock candy for this particular DIY.


Ring blanks and a hot glue gun are all you need to create these sweet looking baubles for the most lovey dovey day of the year. Keep in mind that they’re not edible — so you may want to keep some extra candy on hand for when that sugar craving kicks in.

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