Five Paint Trends for 2019

Looking for something extra to take your room to the next level? We have the perfect solution for you – paint! There are so many ways you can change the vibe of your room with paint. We’ve teamed up with the trusted paint experts at Sherwin-Williams to create seasonal palettes that coordinate with our collections, and to incorporate the best trends! Keep reading for 5 of our favorite paint trends you will want to incorporate into your room ASAP.


Why stop with the walls? Matching your doors, baseboards, and trim to your wall color is an easy way to bring focus to your furniture or bedding. With a one-color backdrop, your furniture will absolutely shine. We love how Sherwin-Williams Storm Cloud (SW 6249) blue compliments our Denim X Quilt, but also make the wood in the bedroom furniture really shine!

2. Can’t commit to a full wall, try partially painting!

a) Half Wall

This room is a great example of how adding a soft Sherwin-Williams Mild Blue (SW 6533) to a white room adds dimension and draws the eye to different sections of the room! Style tip: Paint your shelves the same color as your wall so they look like they’re floating.

b) Inverse Half Wall

This also works by painting the top ½ and keeping the bottom white. Sherwin-Williams Storm Cloud (SW 6249) draws the eye up, perfect if you want to feature a statement art piece like in this room

c) Match your curtains

Play off accents you have in your room already! Matching the height of the paint line up with the ombre color makes this room extra fun!

d) Play off Furniture Height

You can also play with the paint line based on furniture in your room! You can instantly frame your furniture pieces lining up the paint line just above the highest point. We love how great Sherwin-Williams Charming Pink (SW 6309) makes our Highland Wall Desk look with this technique.

e) Get Geometric

Who says you need to keep it horizontal? Try using diagonal lines to create geometric shapes! We created a triangle shape by using opposite diagonal lines.

3. Messy stripes

Don’t be afraid to match your duvet! This messy stripe on top of Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black (SW 6258) creates a tie dye effect – matching our Tie Dye Stripe Organic Duvet Cover. This trend doesn’t require precision, perfect for beginners!

4. Paint the ceiling

Who said you can’t paint the ceiling? We love how this graphic line adds boldness to this room. Be sure to paint the crown molding to create flow and not break up the line. This might be our favorite paint trend to try!

5. Unexpected Color

a) Emphasize your accent wall

This is a tried and true trend for adding pops of color into any room! If you have an accent wall, use it as a frame for color! Sherwin Williams Commodore (SW 6524) is the perfect bold blue to draw the eye in and leave an impact!

b) Break up the Neutral

Sometimes a room needs a pop of color. Sherwin-Williams Dried Thyme (SW 6816) is the perfect green to accent a neutral pallet. It doesn’t over power the room, and painting ½ the wall creates just enough color.

c) Incorporate your favorite color

Make your room your own by painting the inside of your door your favorite color. Be sure the color compliments your comforter, like how this bright pink door brings out the pink hues in our Zadey Patchwork Quilt.

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