Mother’s Day Herbal Living Centerpiece with Southern Scapes

Floral expert and DIY guru Christy Hulsey of Colonial House of Flowers could easily write a book about Mother’s Day having spent over the last decade creating beautiful creations for mothers across the country.  So we tasked our frequent collaborator to think outside the “vase” and think of something for Mom that she could enjoy every day….because let’s  be honest, we should be celebrating Mom ever day and not just once a year!  With that, we will let Christy take it away!


It all started when I made a cake stand centerpiece, but every new year calls for a fresh idea. This year I reached out to our real friend, mom owned business Barefoot Interiors to help me share real ways to treat Mom on Mother’s Day. For as little as a just few dollars a piece, we agree this quick DIY feels natural because it lives long after the day as a meaningful, aromatic, tasty reminder of those we love most – our family!

Honestly, all you need for a container garden is a little know-how and a lot of love. Though Colonial House of Flowers has become quite the expert when it comes to growing things, it hasn’t always been our forte. Turns out an indoor herb garden is medicinal, meaningful and practical. Plus, it’s easy and with the help of Statesboro Southern Scapes (Lisa and I’s ask-everything for all things plant related) you can whip this up for Mom in no time for next to nothing. Actually, it’s so easy you can leave the materials out and let her totally transform an ordinary object into something beautiful herself.





Mood Moss




  • Choose container. We choose a cereal bowl, a serve bowl and a vase.

  • Put layer of rocks in bottom of container for drainage.
  • Add sand for additional drainage. According to Southern Scapes drainage is the most important thing to promote healthy growth.

  • Add soil. Money saving tip, use plants that come pre-potted it’s generally more than enough soil.


  • Add Plants. We put Rosemary in the cereal bowl, Mustard in the vase, and a collection of French Lavender, Italian Cilantro and Oregano in the serve bowl.

  • Cover soil around plants with Mood Moss.


And there you have it!  A gift for Mom she can enjoy year round!


Photography: Katrina Barrow Photography // Photography Assistance: Johanna Ha Photography
Flower & Plant Design: Colonial House of Flowers // Flowers: Rosaprima // Herbs, Rocks, Soil: Southern Scapes
Interior Design: Barefoot Interiors
Olive Oil: Georgia Olive Farms



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