Tips For Creating a Spa Day for Mom from Colonial House of Flowers

Pottery Barn content collaborator, Christy Hulsey of Colonial House of Flowers is an expert at setting the mood for a variety of special occasions, so we asked her how she would create a Spa Day specifically geared towards pampering Mom.  Below are her tips for how to give Mom a relaxing and peaceful Mother’s Day.


Very easily, Mother’s Day is my favorite day of the year. It’s right around the corner! What better way to celebrate than with a gift to pay Mom, Grandma, an Aunt or dear friend for all the things they do every day. If I am being honest, I still do things to make my mom pull her hair out. Right? So whether she’s a mother of adult children or small kids, I’m confident she deserves something she’ll really love!

I confess, I am a mom. And I know I am a challenging person to shop for and so is my mom and all my mom friends — all the Mothers in my life, actually. Why? Because we always kindly say: “You don’t have to get me anything.” I know the truth is you don’t have to get me a single thing but there sure are some things I’d like!

Since all Mother’s deserve something refreshing to thank them I teamed up with my great mom friend, Lisa Furey a former attorney who attributes her Grandma for her the inspiration behind her relaxed, chic interior designs and you may remember from the DIY Cake Stand Centerpiece that  I do, too! We’re spilling the secrets to what we think is the perfect day; an unattended day spent at home batching it. You heard me right, traveling light. Think about it from my shoes, I spend my days making sure everyone’s calm, happy, car pooled, cheered on and lifted up. Don’t I deserve some relaxation — complete with a fluffy towel, nibbles, a keepsake piece you’ve made yourself, a DIY beauty mask and the whole place to myself?

Captured by Katrina Barrow Photography, these are definitely ideas of what you want to do to give the moms in your life what they really want – a day just for her.

Make A Living Centerpiece – Garden To Go

Combine her penchant for practicality and natural herbal therapy, put a few plant store finds in a serve bowl which is just the right size for creating a tabletop garden that’ll live long after the day. We think herbs are extra special for their meditative, symbolic and culinary qualities. Did you know Rosemary like in the cereal bowl grows where a strong woman lives?

Frame It

Put one of your favorite memories in a frame. We know for a fact, she’ll love this! Effortlessly place it to really make the scene.


Make Her Feel Like She’s Vacationing

Think votives, pillar candles, plants in baskets or leaving out ingredients for a facial mask. We can’t send her to a private spa in Italy this year but this is pretty close, right? Remember who introduced you to Sleeping Beauty — now it’s your turn to make your Cover Girl’s haven a relaxation paradise. Think fresh towels, books, eye masks, and foods she likes.

Set The Perfect Stage

Bring the celebration to wherever she will go. Go for indulgences like a tray set for breakfast. Spa food is the best, and it’s a treat! Anything on NOT on her current diet will help her take a breather.

The bedroom is always a very good idea, or the kitchen or porch if that’s where she generally goes.  In fact, you can add a bundle of fresh cut roses from the supermarket to a vase like this eye catching Portofino Vase. Faux botanicals will last longer.

Or a mix of fresh and faux will work, too! You can use pretty much every container Pottery Barn makes – even cereal bowls and votives can festively bring the garden party in!

Thank you Christy for these great tips!  Now be sure to check out Christy’s great DIY living centerpiece and DIY face mask to make Mom’s special day that much more amazing!

Photography: Katrina Barrow Photography // Photography Assistance: Johanna Ha Photography
Flower & Plant Design: Colonial House of Flowers // Flowers: Rosaprima // Herbs, Rocks, Soil: Southern Scapes
Interior Design: Barefoot Interiors
Olive Oil: Georgia Olive Farms










I love this….a feeling of fresh, crisp and clean design! Blue and white is always a classic…you are amazingly talented!

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