DIY: Cake Stand Centerpiece

We tasked floral designer Christy Hulsey, of Colonial House of Flowers in Savannah, Georgia with the challenge of creating a show-stopping centerpiece with only a cake stand from our Great White Collection. Little did we know that the simple cake stand would become a family reunion of three creative minds. See, Christy’s grandmother is a flower expert and her young cousin, an architect student in Nashville who traveled from afar to help too. With Mother’s Day so close, this DIY could not be more timely. This how-to is about family coming together to create something beautiful. Enjoy!

DIY: Cake Stand CenterpieceDIY: Cake Stand Centerpiece


Great White Cake Stand
Instant Aquafoam Brick
Floral Clippers
Floral Tape


Step 1: Gather your favorite elements: flowers, branches, leaves, and greens.

Step 2: Tape the water soaked Aquafoam to the stand.

DIY: Cake Stand Centerpiece

Step 3:  Add your greenery to make a foundation. It looks natural for some of the cascading greenery to drape off of the vessel in places, and stand tall in other places.

Step 4: Next, add large, lush, blooms (Peonies and garden roses work well.) low and close to the center of the stand.DIY: Cake Stand CenterpieceDIY: Cake Stand Centerpiece

Step 5: Add longer stemmed blooms of all textures, heights and sizes to float above the greenery and low round flowers. Place them in the flow and direction of your greenery, and let them move about the place.

DIY: Cake Stand CenterpieceDIY: Cake Stand Centerpiece

Step 6: Add fruits and vegetables for immediate visual interest and elegance.  Christy added green blueberries cut fresh from her mother’s garden to add to this meaningful, intentional, wild design.

According to Christy, “It’s really all about creating a beautiful little platter, a pretty story atop the charger of your life. The heights & textures of your greatest dreams, and all the things that have made you – you make the most beautiful vignette. Everything you need can be found within you and around you. You’ll be amazed at what you are capable of creating.”

Venue: Garden of the Coastal Plain

Photography: Diana Daley Photography

Floral Design: Colonial House of Flowers

Stylist: Lauren Weems, Camp Makery

Supplies: Syndicate Sales

Flowers: Statesboro Farmer’s Market, California Flowers

Inspiration: Slow Flowers by Debra Prinzing

Thank you for your kind words about the design. It’s easy to create great arrangements with beautiful vessels, pretty flowers and the sweetest women you know!! Have a great day!! Xo!

Allison! That’s the sweetest. It is my whole family from my grandmother to my mom to my cousin. This is from Mother’s Day a few year ago. And, it’s still special to me. I love to use the PB cake stand for flowers. And, I’m grateful for the opportunity. Thank you for your kind words!

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