Thanksgiving 101: Tips for Thanksgiving Decorating with Colonial House of Flowers and Whitewood Events

When it comes to setting an autumn table with flair, the team here actually does a happy dance in real life; especially when it’s full of real and faux plant elements that are fabulous! We also do the “turkey trot” because it means we get to collaborate with some of our favorite influencers like Colonial House of Flowers and Whitewood Events!  We are all about gatherings that create remembered moments and start stories that will be treasured  — whether the table is intimately set for two of your closest friends or an elaborate party for plenty more.

We turned to Whitney Downs of Whitewood Events  and Christy Husley of Colonial House of Flowers (see our collaborations here) )  for pointers that don’t take up a lot of time or break the bank. You know long before the first appetizer is served, the decor is going to make a first impression. So whether Chic, Classic, Natural or Rustic these ladies have an easy way to blend it all together and take it to whole new look and level!

We all know it can be expensive to host a fun and entertaining dinner but Whitney and Christy have a ton of ideas including place cards, a wreath, a low cost centerpiece that’ll last long after the day and more. Plus we laid out a recipe for a cocktail to celebrate the comforts of the season and get things going!


Tip Determine the vibe. There are so many elements that affect the aesthetic. All the details come into play here like, is the food being served buffet, family style, plated or seated. The approach you take affects everything from the music you play to the centerpieces, napkins, and name cards.



Tip Make guests feel special. Calligraphy place cards, tiny pumpkins and berries, candles, or greenery and flowers close to the plate are all naturally thoughtful details that make guests feel warm and welcome. Whether it’s formal or casual it’s okay to take liberties and had whimsical details that offer a personal, modern touch, like tiny strings tied to pumpkins or choosing colorful napkins.

The important thing is to seek simplicity in the essentials like the plates, glasses and flatware so that everyone is comfortable and relaxed.

Whitney says, “It doesn’t matter what plates you actually choose. It’s all about styling that is so clear it’s obvious. The spirit is set by the mood of the details. Instead of a regal centerpiece, I like green plants on platters, air plants in sand, or bud vases filled with a stem, or two.” Uncomplicated, easy to make and things that can be repurposed. Avoid too many candles, accessories, or even flowers. It’s too confusing.” Honestly, you can put just about anything in the middle as long as guests can see over it to talk and toast. Seriously, there are no fences!


Tip Keep the conversation going. The easiest way? A signature drink, of course. Whitney’s Turkey Trot Toddie will have everyone going in a snap! Set up easy to make cocktail bar with garnishes. Or, have a few pre-made mugs – so guests can help themselves.


Tip Make it you. Small details have a big impact. Guests always remember the personal touches, and the stories that come with them! And for me it’s mixing plants I know I can grow like mood moss, ferns and air plants with faux ones that I really like. And who says it has to be elaborate? Sometimes ditching the table runner in favor of succulents, sand, rocks and gourds is the way to go in my book.


Such great tips from Whitney and Christy!  But there is more!  Be sure to check out their how-to tutorials for how to create a beautiful and low-cost Thanksgiving centerpiece as well as their recipe for a Turkey Trot Toddy.

Products Featured:  Eclectic Mercury Votives // Faux Tillandsia Succulent Stems // Napoli Stoneware Salad Plate // Napoli Stoneware Dinner Plate // Schott Zwiesel Classico Red Wine // Irving Glass Vase // Georgia Flatware


Florist: Christy Hulsey, Colonial House of Flowers

Plants: Windham’s Greenhouse
Styling: Whitewood Events
Photography: Kim Branagan Photography






The new Pottery Barn faux botanicals are truely realistic and beautiful. I consider them an investment because I keep them long after the day. Thank you for the opportunity to share this afternoon with my dear friend Whitney Downs, her team and the Colonial House of Flowers team. There is nothing more beautiful than a scape naturally set with Pottery Barn pieces and done in an afternoon of honesty fun! Grateful for your partnership with me! Thank you!!

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