By Erin Gleeson

A New Twist on Hanukkah Tradition from Forest Feast

Have you ever taken a bite of something delicious and been flooded with memories?  A hearty red sauce over pasta brings back memories of a trip to Italy?  Or a bite of apple pie remind you of days spent with your grandparents?  Breaking bread and sharing food with family and friends is at the heart of many traditions, in particular Hanukkah, so when Erin of Forest Feast suggested updating two classic recipes, we jumped st the chance.

By Erin Gleeson

Hanukkah started last week and for many it marks their love affair with the classic potato latke.  Erin’s updated version is a contemporary and dare we say “healthier” spin on the beloved Jewish favorite.  In addition to the latke, Erin reinterpreted the Moscow Mule for the holidays using sparkling cidar.

By Erin Gleeson

Head over to Forest Feast for the complete recipes for both of these new traditions.  In addition, check out our entire catalog of recipes that will surely get you ready to celebrate the holidays!

Photography & recipe: Erin Gleeson for Forest Feast


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