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The Ultimate Whole-House Organization Guide

January’s almost halfway over, and if you’re anything like us, there hasn’t been much progress with getting organized this year. Don’t worry — it’s never too late! Our whole home organization guide may be just the motivation you need. Keep reading to learn how you and your family can organize every room in your house for a fresh start this year.


Have each family member empty out their entire bathroom, then sort through everything together and group like with like. You might discover that each person has five more shampoo and lotion bottles than they really need!

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Once you tidy up your family’s bedrooms, encourage each person to maintain cleanliness by dedicating 15 minutes a week to putting things in their place. Try doing this on laundry day, when you’ve already taken things that need to be cleaned out of the room.

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Living Room
Try zoning your living room by activity, and store items where you want them to be used. Media should be stored near the TV, for example, art supplies near your craft table, and coasters near the bar. This will keep every item accessible, instead of shoved into one giant cabinet.

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Decide on your kitchen’s function before you start organizing. Sure, you cook there — but how else do you use this room? Maybe your kids do homework at the kitchen island, or perhaps you pay bills in the breakfast nook – take every activity into account when planning how to organize this space.

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Stop shoes in their tracks in the entryway. To avoid a chaotic pile of shoes and socks at the door, add a few cubbies or trays – one for each member of the family.

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Kids’ Rooms
Keep your child’s height in mind when designing storage solutions in their room. If they can’t reach the right bins and shelves, they won’t use them – and their toys and supplies won’t get put away.

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