Give Your Bedroom New Life for the New Year


Your bedroom should be a haven — where you can escape from the world and let your mind and body relax. But that can be hard to do when you can’t stand how it looks. It’s time to change that — what better excuse do you have than the blank slate of a brand new year? We’ve put together suggestions and tips from professional organizer Annette Reyman to help you organize, refresh and renovate your bedroom in 2014. 


Assess your closet. “A semi-annual review of what clothing you already have is a must,” says Reyman. Donate whatever you can to make room for new items you’ll use regularly.

Make sure you have the right tools to stay organized. “It’s hard to keep shoes and accessories under control without some type of organizing system in place.” Everything from shoe racks to under-bed storage can help you keep clutter down.

Set aside time every week to maintain your space. Reyman suggests choosing one 15 minute time frame per week to put things back into place. “A good opportunity to do this is if you do laundry on a certain day. You have a head start on laundry day because you’ve already removed items that need cleaning,” says Reyman.



Consider seasonal bedding. Bedding is a great way to refresh your bedroom and creating an inviting atmosphere. “Since bedding can take up a lot of storage space, I suggest keeping one down comforter on each bed and using seasonal duvets with matching accessories to switch out two to four times per year,” says Reyman.

Choose a calming color scheme. What speaks to you? Look for cool, blue tones, which tend to feel more refreshing than warmer colors.

Choose bedding with multiple colors. That way, you can pull out different shades and update your room’s look with accessories and throw pillows throughout the year.



Build in storage. Sometimes renovating is the only solution to bedroom storage problems. If you don’t have a closet, or if your closet it too small, consider building in shelving or finding an armoire that fits your clothing storage needs.

Add new lighting. New lighting can make an incredible impact on how a space feels. Do you feel like your bedroom is too dark? Or is the lighting too harsh? You’d be surprised at what a difference a new bulb and fixture can make.

Consider professional advice. “I visit so many homes where people have purchased cute organizing pieces and then have no idea where and how they should use them. If you’re not sure what you need for storage, a professional organizer is your best ally,” says Reyman.

I need tge dark blue to contrast my duvet. Where can I purchase all the dark blue bedding, shoe racks and the rack that I suppose is a hat or jacket fixture, or maybe even dress, etc items.

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