Wedding Dos and Don’ts: Should You Hire a Videographer?

Budget is everything when it comes to your big day. Unless yours is unlimited, odds are you’ll have to compromise on something — for some couples, it’s a video. Today, we’re talking to to of our favorite wedding planners, Kelly McLeskey-Dolata of A Savvy Event and Sonia Hopkins of XOXO Bride, to get the scoop on whether or not they think having a wedding videographer is worth it.

Destination Wedding Filmmaker {Pierre & Angeline} Caneros Inn, Napa from LoveSpun Handmade Wedding Films on Vimeo. Wedding planned by A Savvy Event.

Q: What’s your opinion on having a videographer? Is it a must? Why or why not?

Sonia: Cinematography is definitely a nice added feature to any wedding. We do encourage our clients to consider capturing this lifetime moment on film, however we find it really comes down to budget permitting. Photographs remain the strongest priority, so photographers will obtain the bigger portion of funds within a budget.

Kelly: YES! I think video is so important and the biggest regret couples have if they don’t do it. I have heard more than once that they so wished they would have had video at their wedding. It is the only thing you have that brings your wedding to life! Photography is beautiful, but the video really brings back all the memories to life and the little things you might have missed.

Q: Budget-wise, are there things that should prioritize under having a videographer?

Sonia: Yes, in fact we always try to allocate, based on the clients overall budget, the photography and videography/cinematography funds together in order to capture this vendor choice, funds more often than not are decided all to go towards the photographer packages. Beyond photography, venue and design fees play a huge role in the beginning of the planning process. Flowers, rentals, lighting and draping are sometimes must have design items, leaving very little for videographer fees.

Kelly: I always say if you want to have it all, scale your guest count back. The fewer guests you have, the less you have to spend. Invite the guests that are really the most important to you so you can have all the things you want on your special day

Q: When do you think having a videographer is as important as the photographer? Certain settings? Certain types of weddings?

Sonia: When family dynamics play a large role in a couples lives — such as family members unable to travel or attend or grandparents who are aging — we encourage our clients to document this time on film to preserve that memory forever. It’s also a great tool to have family that can not attend the wedding feel included in the festivities after the event has concluded.

Kelly: I think both are equally important. Weddings are different then they use to be. No matter what the budget is, there is a lot more thought and a lot more planning that goes into planning a wedding. Video and Photography in my opinion, go hand in hand with one another. I did not have video at my own wedding and it is also my biggest regret! There is just so much of your day that goes by so fast and at the end it all seems like a blur. I have the photos, but so wish I could have heard my vows, best man toast, maid of honor toast  and my dad’s toast.

Tell us: What do you think? Is having a wedding video a must or a bust? 

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