Video: Interior Designer Arianne Bellizaire Shares Her Tips For Keeping Sane During the Holidays

Designer and vlogger Arianne Bellizaire is a successful interior decorator with a thriving Baton Rouge based firm, a devoted Mom to her two adorable children and a loving wife to her husband Reginald.  Like countless women who juggle career and family, she is continually finding her footing to strike that balance.  However, like many of you, that delicate balance can be upset during the holiday season.  For Arianne, she refocuses on what is important – carving out the time to spend with her children.  By focusing on traditions, Arianne has found her unique way of keeping her sanity during the holidays.  We were lucky enough to have Arianne create a video for us explaining her holiday traditions in her eloquent voice:

What is a tradition you have with your family during the holidays?

Aside from visiting family and friends, exchanging gifts and enjoying big holiday gatherings my favorite Christmas tradition is what we have done every Christmas Eve since we’ve had kids. We light a fire, make some yummy snacks, write letters to Santa and snuggle up on the couch to watch our favorite Holiday Classic on TV. For us, that night is all about spending some quality time together in anticipation of the joy and excitement we’ll experience on Christmas morning!


Is there a family heirloom (old or new) that you love to display during the holidays?

One of the things I love to display during Christmas time is the ornaments we’ve collected over the years. Whether it’s ornaments my husband and I purchased after we got married or the ones the kids have made at school over the years, I like to display these on a “mini-tree” that the kids can help me decorate. There is something to be said about the process of reminiscing as each ornament is pulled out of its packaging and hung on the tree.


Do you have one tip for avoiding the holiday stress?

The number one way I’ve learned to avoid the stress of the holidays is to focus on what’s really important. I’ve learned that it’s not really necessary for me to be at EVERY party or to put so much pressure on myself to get everyone on my list the perfect gift. What’s important is to slow down enough to take in the wonder of the season, spend quality time with those I love and to never forget that these is someone for whom the holidays represent a time of loss and grief. Perspective is everything!


What’s the one thing you look forward to during the holidays?

The one thing I probably look forward to the most is an afternoon when I can dress in my most comfortable clothes, sit near a lit fire, sip on a cup of coffee and listen to Christmas hits on the radio. It’s the simple things in life I enjoy most!


Want to see more of Arianne, her family and hear more of her design tips?  Check out her blog!

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