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Have you spent the final cold, rainy evenings of spring hunkered down, binge watching your favorite show? It’s time to break out of your workweek slump and into the sunshine! But one thing that won’t break is our outdoor dinnerware, drinkware, and décor. We have options for every style, space and budget — and we’re here to break them down for you!


It might be bright and cheerful on the outside, but melamine is strong as hell. You’re free to relax when you set your table without fear of chips and breaks from accidental falls on the patio. Mix and match colors of our classic Swirl Melamine Collection like your favorite outfit; pink and orange is one of our top combinations. Or, choose from the new Del Sol Collection for a pattern that’s bursting with color and authentic style. If you really want a reaction from guests, go for the Enamel Lemon Salad Plates; that’s our way of lemonading.


When it comes to drinkware and determination, stubborn and headstrong are positive attrbutes. Our new Happy Hour Collection is crafted from an incredibly durable material that’s so crystal clear, it’s a miracle. Imagine coming home and pouring yourself an unbreakable glass of pinot noir to enjoy outside with the sunset. Want something brighter? Take your pick from a rainbow of colorful acrylic goblets and tumblers.



Your patio shouldn’t feel like a bunker. Layer your space from the ground up with a colorful (and eco-friendly!) outdoor rug, and pile on pillows in bright stripes and floral prints that resist fading. A couple pieces of our Artificial Grass Turf will give you a care-free garden even in the city. Finally, add some spirit with an artful grouping of Flameless Outdoor Pillar Candles shining bright.


With a few of these quick style updates, you’ll be ready to face the summer with confidence. So gather the people closest to you and celebrate the season, whether that means a backyard barbecue or queuing up a few episodes of your new obsession to watch together!


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I would love to get these dishes. They are beautiful and I need some new dishes, especially ones that won’t chip. I have a granddaughter that loves to help me with the dishes and they would be perfect for her learning how to help without worrying about chips and breaking. Plus I need a set of matching dishes, it would be nice to have people over and to have a beautiful table set up with matching dishes. Thank you for this opportunity to get your products. God bless and good luck everyone.

Would love to have outdoor dishes to set the patio table for summer meals, dining by the pool. Love Pottery Barn’s vivid colors, always know how to complete a spectacular full picture for a setting!!! Love Love! Thanks for the Chance!!!! A Big Pottery Barn shopper and collector. Nancy

Would love to have outdoor dishes to set the patio table for summer barbaque and meals, dining by the pool. Love Pottery Barn’s vivid colors and they always know how to complete a spectacular full picture for a setting! Love, Love! Thanks for the chance!! A Big Pottery Barn Shopper and collector. Sincerely, Nancy

Melamine certainly has come a long way over the years. It’s so pretty now! I have a set that I’ve been using for about 20 years that was given to me by a relative. I don’t know how many years she used the set. No chips or cracks. Wonderful stuff!

What a great idea. I have small grandchildren and with the grandchildren comes accidents. Unbreakable is greatly needed at our house.

You had me at unbreakable. My special needs son needs your products. Most beautiful outdoor living items I’ve seen.

A beautiful set for any occasion,so many colors it would be so hard to choose which color to use. All of them are fabulous!!!!

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