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The Ultimate White Bedroom

When Sherwin-Williams named “Alabaster White” as their 2016 Color of the Year, some people scratched their heads as the thought of white being a “color” eluded them.  However, for those of you in the know, any color, including white comes in various shades and tones ranging from light pink to the palest of blue.  This year’s color, Alabaster is a true neutral meant as both a mental and visual respite from the daily hustle around us.  So we enlisted one of our favorite bloggers and budding designers Kelley Nan Lopez to help us imagine what the ultimate white room would look like.  Kelley is known for her layered approach design and her love of neutral palettes, so we challenged her to create a warm, inviting and relaxing guest suite.  What she created was an oasis that we could see ourselves struggling to leave once it came time to go to work!


Shades of white, cream and tan mix to beautiful impact along with variations in texture to create a space that instantly feels both masculine and feminine, cool but warm and lush but relaxed.  We asked Kelley if she would share some of her tips for recreating this space and she graciously said yes!

Bedding: When creating a bedroom, the bedding will be the focal point in the space, so its imperative to create interest via texture and shade/color variation.  Kelley loves using linen to achieve this look.  Not only does it make the feel less precious, she finds that her male guests feel more comfortable due to fabric’s more relaxed feel. Linen lends itself to being casual, untucked and wrinkled – guests can lounge. She also has a preference for white bedding because it allows her to use bleach to keep them looking fresh and new between guests.

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Accents: To avoid having a sterile room, accessories and accents are key!  Like most designers, Kelley is obsessed with brass – it is a great choice for the warm it exudes and its beautiful coloration.  The mirrored tray at the foot of the bed is a perfect accessory in that it has the right coloration and provides the perfect place to corral items.  Additionally, while she loves neutrals, Kelley also loves green so she tends to sprinkle it liberally through her designs.  In this case, it came in the form of plants and the lovely fern prints above the bed that provide a touch color and softness.

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Necessities: To Kelley,necessities are different from the accessories.  The “necessities” of a perfect guest suite include beautiful blankets for layering on the bed, extra pillows, and full length mirror and plenty of seating.  “I hate having to search around a room for a place to sit and for flat surfaces to set items.” explains Kelley.  In addition, the full length mirror is key for her in a guest room.  “There is nothing worse than having to search a house you are visiting or worse having to go into the master retreat to be able to gain access to a full  length mirror.”

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So why not turn your guest room into a winter oasis this Summer for your guests?  It will be a welcome retreat and you just may find yourself stowing away for a little “at-home vacation”!

Products featured: Belgian Flax Linen Quilt // Belgian Linen Contrast Pillow // Lynn Brass Tray // Calais Side Chair // Diamond Wool Rug

This was a beautiful and inspiring post, and another perfectly designed space by my lovely friend, Kelley! She continually wows me with her lovely design aesthetic and keen eye for creating amazingly beautiful neutral spaces!! Gorgeous and inviting guest retreat!! ?????

I love all of the bedding! Can you tell me what the duvet cover and front decorative pillow are? I’d love to buy them to spruce up my white bedding.

Thank you!

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