The Color Blue Is Red Hot This Season

We would not qualify our love of blue as an obsession but more like an intense connection to this most wonderful of hues.  At one extreme it is the color of the noon time sky and the backdrop countless wonderful sunny memories.  At the other, it is the inkiness that envelopes and lulls us to sleep.  Any color that runs this wide of a gamut deserves to be high on our color list, which is why we pulled together some of our favorite tableware in our favorite hue …

Blue Header

Elise Serving Platter

The Elsie Collection took its inspiration from the Delftware of the Netherlands – their whimsical folk designs of birds and flowers in their signature cobalt hue makes us imagine serving up piles of French toast at all the imaginary brunches we plan this Spring!

Swirl Melamine Dinnerware

  We had to do a double take when we were told that the Swirl Collection was melamine aka shatterproof!  These plates are a gift from the design gods for those of us who tend to be accident prone!  We love contrast of the rustic rim with the beautiful blue swirls which give the pieces their hand-hewn feeling.

Elise Dinnerware Collection

The classic pairing of blue and white is one of our favorite all time combinations.  Now you already know we love the Elsie Collection but we love it even more because it looks so charming when mixed with classic white plates or even solid colored dinnerware.  Mix in some woven accents like a charger or napkin rings for a chic look that will stand the test of time.

Leon Serving Bowl

Fiery orange mixes with ocean blue, black and a touch of green in the design of the Leon Serving Bowl.  We think the Leon deserves a place all year round and would use it as wall art in a kitchen or pantry.


So there is no reason to be “blue” about the blue trend this Spring! Azure, colbalt, indigo or cerulean, there is a shade that will leave you feeling red hot!

Photography: Photo by Adza

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