Our Favorite Party Tips to Kick Off the Summer

Did you miss our Twitter Party yesterday? Our entertaining expert, Brett, took over our Twitter to answer all of your summer party questions — everything from invitations, to bar set up, to appetizer suggestions, to dealing with the last guests that can’t take a hint. Read on to take a look at his top tips, below!

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Invitations and guestlist:

Don’t want kids at your party? I just say adults only! There’s nothing wrong with that. But saying no children allowed can sound negative.

If you’re ready for the party to end, but your guests haven’t taken the hint, turn down the music, turn up the lights and make sure that every glass is put away.

If you’re worried about too few RSVPs, send your invitation through Evite so you can send them a reminder and updates. If no one shows, just invite your neighbors over. 

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Color themed parties are an easy, fun way to give your party flair. Just have everyone wear one color.

Don’t be afraid to use paper decorations outdoors! They’re very budget-friendly. But use them in multiples for drama.

I’ll throw a beach towel or an outdoor tablecloth for color on my cushions during a party, which will also protect them from spills and scuffs.

Candlelight instantly sets the mood for evening dinners. I use some of our lanterns and flameless candles and put them in the center of the table.

For parties hosted during hot days/nights, I love to go to Chinatown and find paper fans for everybody to use!

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Food and Drink:

Not sure how much food to serve? Go with the Golden Rule: Serve a handful of protein per person with plenty of salads and sides. Start off with a watermelon and feta salad and grilled meat and veggies with sauces for a healthy entree.

Get creative with your crudité! Use a scooped out avocado for the dip, or a scooped out watermelon for your bowl. You can make easy bites, like mozzarella and tomato or prosciutto and melon, ahead of time.

Set up a burger or hot dog bar with lots of different and unusual toppings. It could be mac and cheese on top of a burger, or coleslaw in different bowls. Have fun with it!

Use drink dispensers to display your favorite cocktail recipes. It makes it easy for guests to choose between vodka, tequila, or no alcohol. And you don’t have to serve them!

Keep cold food cold by filling a galvanized party bucket with ice and putting bowls with your food on top.


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