Small Space Living: Decorating Your Balcony

You don’t need a large yard or patio to take the party outside, so don’t worry if you lack an expansive lawn. Your balcony can be the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the company of family and friends. Select compact, durable furniture, and stock up on small accent pieces that put the finishing touches on your space. With the right design, you and your loved ones can fully enjoy your outdoor space.


Add a Patterned Rug

No matter what size your balcony is, a floor covering can help make the space feel cozier and more inviting while adding texture. A patterned rug can help you divide the area and define the space; different colored stripes or patterns going in opposite directions on each side of the balcony can separate the space into two distinct outdoor rooms. Additionally, rugs add color to the balcony without taking away any floor space.


Hang String Lights

Sting lights brighten up a balcony for nighttime entertaining. If your balcony is covered, hang them from the ceiling for a gentle, even glow over the entire area. You can also get creative with the lights by wrapping them around columns or on handrails to make unique designs. The light makes the balcony feel cozier and less cramped, and our selections are durable enough to leave up all year-long.


Set Up a Bistro Table for Outdoor Dining

Tables and chairs are necessities when it comes to setting up any outdoor space for entertaining. A bistro table is a great addition to a small balcony because it not only takes up less space than a traditional table and chairs but also adds sophistication. Put out a few tall chairs or stools to enjoy a relaxing lunch with a few friends, or remove the chairs so everyone can gather around the table to grab some snacks.


Decorate with Plants

Plants add life to your balcony. Combine flower boxes and potted plants to create a happy mood in your outdoor space. Decorative pots in hard-wearing yet attractive materials tie the plants into the rest of your design elements. Plus, plants around the perimeter of the balcony can create privacy while you entertain.


Add Colorful Accessories

To really let your design personality shine, arrange a few handpicked accessories that you love. Weather-safe pillows infuse the space with bursts of your favorite hues, and outdoor drapes present a great opportunity to soften your balcony’s angles while integrating a pattern or solid color. For decorative yet functional pieces, opt for colorful side tables to place with your seating arrangement. And don’t forget drinks; a set of dependable acrylic tumblers in tropical shades keeps the space bright and your guests happily hydrated while you soak up the summertime.


Make the most of the space you have and enjoy the outdoors!  Gather friends and family for days of celebrating warm breezes, cold drinks and making memories.  Our selection of outdoor furniture, drinkware, dinnerware and accessories can help keep the good times rolling from now through the end of the season!

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