House Tour: Kristen’s Rustic, Beachy Family Home

We first spotted photographer Kristen Vincent‘s home on our Instagram feed, and that first glimpse of her home left us smitten. Eager to see more of her style, we arranged for a house tour and interview. Keep reading to learn more about Kristen’s home, photography business and design sense.




Can you tell us a little about your home?

“I live in Coronado, CA with my two children. My daughter, Katelyn, is 12 and my son, Mitchell, is 9. We’ve been at our current home for just over a year now. When we moved in the house was really bland — it was basically a blank canvas of white walls and tasteless blinds. The positive side of moving into such a house is that this blank canvas did leave plenty of room for my imagination and creativity to run wild and was just waiting for me to add my own style to the house.”




What’s most important to you when decorating and furnishing your home?

“This is where we had to get creative. I really wanted pieces that were functional and timeless, that could transition into another home easily if I decided to move. But with two kids in the house I didn’t want anything that felt too stuffy. At the same time, I wanted the place to be a relaxing retreat for when I came home after a long day at work. Add the fact that my bedroom also doubles as my office and studio, while my living room is the space where my clients wait while I am working with their infants, and this project seemed impossible! Trying to merge all of these aspects of my life into one house was a bit tricky. Thankfully my friends Karyn Frazier and Jessica Nicolls of Bungalow 56 Interiors were ready to tackle this project with full force.”

How would you describe your style?

“I would have to say the style of my home is best described as rustic chic meets cozy beach cottage.”




How did you get the idea for the pallet wall in the bedroom? How did you execute it?

“I can’t take credit for the pallet wall. The girls from Bungalow 56 came up with the idea. It works well because it’s a great back drop for my photo shoots, it fits with the style of the home and it was definitely an economical option. The pallets were secured with nails to the wall. My contractor friend, Kraig Nicolls of Nicolls, Inc. was kind enough to help us install the pallets, as well as all the lighting and art. This beautiful room is mine—it’s my sanctuary!”




We love how relaxed and chic your living room is. How did you decide on this room’s style? What PB products are used here?”

“A relaxed atmosphere with lots of chic was the goal for the living room. I wanted a space in which I could entertain clients during the day, and when the sun goes down, snuggle with my kids on the sofa and watch a great movie. The Pottery Barn products we used include: Chelsea Slipcovered Three-piece Sectional, the Natural Burlap Wrapped Candles, Leah Pillar Candle Holders, Owen Herringbone Jute RugCaden Leather Rectangular Ottoman, a variety of pillows, the Marley Antique Mercury Glass Lamp and the Bleached Burlap Shade.”


How does your work as a photographer inform your sense of style at home?

“I would decribe my photography style as simple and eclectic with great attention to detail. Capturing a childs simple smile with gorgeous light on their face or the glance of a bride to her mother just before she says I do…those moments are why I am a photographer. To share beauty with others and share in the most precious moments of their life is truly special. I want my home to reflect that same attention to detail and be inviting to my family friends and clients. To be a place were people can let their guard down and be authentic.”




We love the window wall art on the wall in the living room. Can you tell us more about it?

“When we first started working on this project we were looking for an old door or window that we could use as both a beautiful piece for the wall, something we could add hooks to for hanging jackets and what not and something that we could place portraits in. When I saw this door I knew it was it! The last finishing touch will be six black-and-white portraits of my grandparents during their younger years. Functional. Color. Bright . . . makes me happy.”




How did you decide on the mason jar chandelier for this room?


“I was looking for something that would add a good amount of light to the space because at night the living room only has a floor lamp and a table lamp. I loved the clean simple look that the mason jars lended to the room. Nicolls Inc installed it and initially it was so bright with 16 bulbs. He added a dimmer and its just perfect. I can’t tell you how many people just love it!”

We also love your office area. Is this an entire room or a smaller nook? What would you recommend for readers looking to set up a similar space in their own homes?

“The office area used to be one of two closets in the master bedroom. We (the girls from Bungalow 56 and I) spent Superbowl Sunday painting up a storm. We used front door mats cut to size for the flooring and we were able to get that finished in a single weekend. For someone wanting to set up a similar space, I would say go for it. It’s totally worth it. I would also pass along the phone number of my friends at Bungalow 56! They were the brains of the operation.”




What do you love most about your home?

“I love that my home is feminine without being ‘girly.’ Its inviting and has so many spaces that are comfortable to relax in and look gorgeous. I think my canvas collage in my dining area, the wall art in my entry and my new office are my favorite spots.”
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My name is katelyn and my mom took all the pictures and answered the questions! She is amazing and I love her and our new beach house endlessly!!!!! 🙂

My name is katelyn and my mom took all the pictures and answered the questions! She is amazing and I love her and our new beach house endlessly!!!!! 🙂 I also love everything you sell at PB!!!!

I would live there. It is absolutely beautiful. It feels comfortable, yet has a sophisticated appeal to it. It does not feel “girly”, just totally welcoming.

Please share the name of paint colors that are on your walls? I love your decorating ideas and the colors that you chose. Thank you.

Beautiful space and incredible photography! It’s so warm, lived in, and REALLY cozy. I have really been into grey lately, and I always love a nice pop of yellow against a nice warm dove grey. Wish I had a beach house like this!

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