Registry for the Established Couple from A Fabulous Fete

You and your sweetheart finally decided to take the plunge and merge households.  The word “yours” gets replaced with “ours” and you find yourself happily ensconced in happy cohabitation.  Fast forward, a certain question is popped and you find yourself faced with a barrage of questions, the most vocal often being “what did you register for?”  And the realization hits that you and your boo do not need anything.  But what do you do?  This same question perplexed Lauren of A Fabulous Fete which is why we asked her to think about a registry for the established couple.  While many couples love the idea of classics like sheet sets and dishware, Lauren ventured into practical territory – registering for items for things you already do and love to do together.


The registry that emerged was a wonderful combination of practicality for the couple who lives in a small space but loves to entertain.  The result is a cocktail bar sans the cart! It’s a great idea for those who love to have friends over but don’t want to give up valuable real estate in their new shared space.



Visit A Fabulous Fete to see the full story and the creative ideas from Lauren in how to turn your house into a home with your significant other.  Speaking of which, if you are engaged, take a look at our Registry program and the benefits that come from registering with Pottery Barn.  Still looking for ideas of starting your first home with your significant other, then visit our Pinterest Board dedicated to your first home together.

Products featured:  Cube Display Shelves //Brass Giraffe Object // Schott Zwiesel Stemless Wine Glasses // Gigi Embroidered Napkins // Mingling Plate

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