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Refresh Your Home with Wall Art

art6Your home’s art is a statement of your identity and personality more than most of your accessories and décor. Art is so personal and so subjective — most of us take great care when choosing pieces to put on display on our walls. And the impact is immense — a new gallery wall can change the look of your home just as much as a coat of paint or a new set of furniture.

We’ve put together some tips and guidelines for displaying wall art in your home. Whether your style is simple and restrained or eclectic and playful, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to see how you can refresh your home with wall art.


Play with Scale

Aim to balance in your room’s visual space, but don’t be afraid of taking risks, too. Sometimes big art can feel overwhelming, but when you want it to be your room’s focal point, you can ignore the rules.

Rows of smaller pieces in identical frames and mats make the arrangement itself a piece of art. The same scale and display also draw the eye into the frame, emphasizing the art inside.

Try mixing and matching sizes for a more eclectic gallery wall arrangement. Aim to keep your art at eye-level though — most homeowners tend to hang their art too high to be truly appreciated.

gallery wallPlay with Format

Generally, most designers suggest aiming for a rule of three, or at least sticking with an odd-numbered art arrangement. Odd-numbered displays tend to feel more balanced and dynamic.

If you decide to go with even numbers, a grid can help balance out the display’s visual space. If you want your room to look elongated, orient the display horizontally. If you want your ceilings to look higher, hang it vertically.

Or, you can simply arrange things organically. Forget the numbers and do what you think looks best. Just plan it out first. We suggest arranging things on the floor in front of your wall beforehand, then using a light pencil to mark where everything should hang on the wall. Don’t forget to erase your pencil marks when you’re done!


Play with Style

Stick to a single style, color or artist for a more cohesive look. This tends to work well in more refined spaces with a single framing style.

If you want to be more playful with your art, mix it up. Try hanging wall clocks and mirrors in your gallery wall as elements of surprise. Mix mediums, hanging black and white photography with oil paintings on the same wall.

Variety creates visual interest, but it’s nice to have some elements (however subtle) that tie the display together. Consider choosing frames in all the same color or art with the same finish or shape to make your gallery wall a little more consistent.

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