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Behind the Design: Quil Diamond Rug

Ever wonder how our Pottery Barn designers create the patterns, designs and special pieces we carry? Our Behind the Design blog series of posts let you in on the stories behind these pieces. Today, we’re featuring the Quil Diamond Rug.



Woven from synthetic fibers, this rug is the perfect layering piece for all of your outdoor entertaining needs. The unique pattern has, as you might expect, a rather fascinating story. We talked to Pottery Barn in-house designer Jenn to find out what went into the rug’s look.


“This rug was inspired from some really old, 200-year-old antique raffia pieces that were from Kenya,” Jenn told us. ” These pieces were so rare we couldn’t even buy them outright, we had to borrow them. They were very small, just tiny swatches. Based on this, we created the patterns as if it were a woven rug. It was cool how it went from something so tiny to something so large. The rugs were then woven in Belgium on ¬†huge looms.”

Thanks for the story, Jenn! Make sure to check out all of our Behind the Design posts for more stories behind our Pottery Barn pieces.

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