Quick Tips For Displaying & Organizing Your Collections

If you’re like us, decorating with vacation souvenirs and special collections is one of our favorite ways to showcase personality in the home. These treasured pieces inject energy, inspiration and bring the “smiles” throughout the year! However, adding a collected feel sometimes doesn’t come easy and creating that curated look can be difficult.  But our PB designers have created a variety of storage solutions to help pull off the perfect display and organization of your beloved collections.

Book Collections


We will admit to having stored books under our bed at one point in time because we didn’t have space for them but who doesn’t love a good book? Whether they are  leather bound with pages aged with history or paperbacks picked up during vacation, they deserve to be displayed. The perfect solution is our Gavin Reclaimed Wood Bookcase that is crafted with salvaged materials with rustic shelving, adjustable for any sized book (or romance novel).

Small Collections



Have a collection that is diminutive in size?  For years we collected small ceramic bottles that were scattered throughout the house.  However, the trick to having an array of small items look a collection is to group them together for maximum impact.  These display cubes are a creative way to show other delicate collectibles or nature finds. When shelving your prized possessions, decide which items stand out most (whether in size or color) and place them accordingly to create a sense of harmony and balance.  If possible, we recommend stacking some on other objects to give a sense of depth and height.

Wine Collections


If you are a lover of the vino (can you say Malbec!), you’ll know that it can pile up quickly. Our Modular Bar System and Hutch not only will keep your bottles organized and safe but it’s a great way to show off your favorite labels. We also collect the corks! Write the date on the cork after you’ve completed the bottle and list whom shared that special moment with. Overtime, they’ll stack up as a fun decoration piece, full of sweet memories and magical moments!

Shoe Collections


Why only show off your shoes when they’re on your feet? We’re showing off our style in the closet with this New York Shoe Ladder. When displaying your shoes, organize by color, heel type or season for quick access.

What are some of your favorite things to display in your space? Click here to see more storage solutions for your home. Make sure to show us how you’re getting organized for the New Year on Instagram (using #pbgetsorganized) for a chance to win $500 of organizational accessories!


These are all wonderful ideas about how to display things! I love the idea of incorporating keepsakes from travels into a room. I also really love the way you decorated the bookshelf!

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