A Patchwork Quilt Sets the Scene For This Colorful, Pattern-Happy Bedroom

Courtney, who blogs at Golden Boys and Me recently shared these lovely photos of her master bedroom, which features the Pottery Barn Multistar Patchwork Quilt. We caught up with Courtney to find out more about her inspiration to use this quilt, as well as her other decorating choices for her bedroom.



Can you tell us more about your decision to decorate around the  Pottery Barn Multistar Patchwork Quilt?  How did it affect your other décor choices?


I knew that I wanted a quilt that made a statement and would provide a color scheme for the whole space.  I started looking for vintage quilts, but finding one I loved in the size I needed (King size) proved difficult.  When I saw the Multistar Patchwork Quilt in a Pottery Barn catalog, I knew it was “the one.”  It had the vintage feel and color I was looking for.  From there, I chose bedding that coordinated from a variety of sources.  I wanted the bedding (and the whole space) to feel collected over time.


We love the window seat! Was this an addition you made?


The window seat has traveled around my house!  It started its journey as a pine wall unit in our living room.  We later repurposed it into a dining nook in our kitchen after painting it white and adding two upper kitchen cabinets to be used as a bench.  When I was planning our master bedroom, I knew I wanted a window seat with storage for books.  As I looked at this piece in my kitchen, a light bulb went off and I decided to measure it, thinking there was no way it would fit in the space.  Lo and behold, it was the exact size I needed.  I love the way it looks in the bedroom and now that it is truly “built-in” it will be staying put.


Your mix of patterns and pillows on the bed is fantastic. What’s your philosophy when it comes to mixing patterns?

Thanks!  I love mixing patterns, fabrics and textures.  Every throw pillow (there are many!) in the room coordinates so no pillow has a specific place it “needs” to be.  I didn’t want it to be fussy (or so intimidating to my husband that he wouldn’t be willing to make the bed some days!).  I kept the main elements of the room neutral (walls and floor) so I could have more fun with the fabrics and accessories.  It is easier to take risks mixing throw pillows and fabrics because they are so affordable and easy to change up.


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