New Ways To Work: Four Tips for Creating a Killer Home Office

In the not too distant past, working from home was once considered a luxury but today is a regular component of  how many individuals keep up with their modern work schedules.  Current studies state that one in every five people in the US workforce are estimated to be working from home at least one day a week.  Fortunately, the concept of the home office has evolved to fit current times, so whether you are lucky enough to have a room to call an office or set up your laptop at your dining table, we have suggestions for how to get the most out of your work space!


4 Tips to Creating a Killer Home Office

  • Big Solutions in Small Packages: Don’t have the luxury to carve our a dedicated work space? Have a hallway? Space behind your bedroom door? With the Wyatt Workspace Wall Mounted Desk you can carve out a dedicated work area in almost any room with available wall space. Best part? At the end of the day, just close it up and walk away.
  • Shed Some Light On the Situation: Make sure your work lighting fits your working situation. If possible, set up your work space near natural light, but if you can’t make sure that your lighting source does not cause issues with glare for your computer screen.
  • Take a Stand: Research shows that standing desks are able to increase users’ focus, alertness and caloric burn. So whether your taste run more contemporary or traditional, we have a standing desk that will fit your aesthetic.
  • Make it Cute & Functional: Who says functionality has to be come in the form of a file cabinet? Invest in storage and organizational solutions that fit your space. Leather baskets can hold loose papers that need to be filed, while lidded boxes can hide offices supplies.


Ready to revamp how you work? Shop our Home Office furniture, lighting and desk accessories to create a space that is not only beautiful but functional!

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