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Monica Pedersen’s Tips For an Eco-Inspired Elegant Outdoor Party

As we look forward to outdoor parties and entertaining, we’re inspired by Monica Pedersen’s new book Make It Beautiful: Designs and Ideas for Entertaining at Home. Monica is a designer and HGTV host, and she also has a flair for transforming an outdoor setting into an absolutely gorgeous affair. Today, she shares her tips with us for creating an elegant outdoor party that’s also eco in nature. We think this party will serve as great inspiration for an outdoor wedding reception or celebration dinner


“For large gatherings either rent dinnerware or invest in a basic white collection that can be used over and over again for a number of different occasions. Keep your packing supplies to store your new dishes in case space is an issue.”
“Bring natural fibers to the table like hemstitch linens and woven accessories.”
“Save energy and create the same kind of ambiance that you have in your dining rooms by hanging  candlelit lanterns or chandeliers above your outdoor table. Make sure to use dripless, smokeless candles . (And don’t hesitate to bring your indoor accessories outdoors.)”
“Use glass containers, they can easily be re-purposed as a floral vessel, candle holder, or simply to show off some colorful candy.  As we all know glass is also a recyclable material.”
“Make it easy for your guests to recycle by having clearly marked trash receptacles.”
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