Love Where You Live: Q&A with Erica Chan Coffman

When you’re surrounded by impeccably styled homes in magazines, on Pinterest — and yes, at Pottery Barn — every single day, it’s easy to start feeling down about your own home and start thinking,“Will my house ever look like that?”

Isn’t it time to start loving our homes instead of feeling bad about them? Write that wishlist, but aim to be happy and grateful about where you live, too.  It’s in this spirit that we’re starting a new series on Inside & Out: Love Where You Live.


This week, we’re talking to Honestly YUM blogger and Pottery Barn Spotlight member Erica Chan Coffman (her kitchen is pictured above). Although Coffman’s just finished remodeling her dream home, you might be surprised to find what actually makes her house feel like a home: people!

Q: What is your favorite part about your new home, and why?
A: After a full-scale gut renovation, my favorite part about our home is the amount of natural light it gets. I’m a lighting fanatic so I really appreciate the number of large paned windows and wide French doors that we placed around the house.

Q:  What do you think makes your house feel like a home?
A: Our house is always bustling, with visitors rotating through here on a consistent basis. An inviting home is a happy home.

Q: What’s the one thing you wish you could change about your house?
A: Nothing! We customized every element of our house and love every square inch of it. For now …

Read more about Erica Chan Coffman here. 

I love this post! It can be so easy to compare ones surroundings with the images one sees in magazines and on blogs. Magazines and blogs are great for inspiration but loving where you live is so important.

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