How To Address Invitations from B-Spired

Do you have questions about addressing your invitations? We connected with Charlotte Miller and Betsey Reiche; the owners of the San Francisco made wooden card company, B-Spired for their advice. Once your invitations have arrived, and your guest list is finalized, the next step is addressing the invitations, which is no simple feat! Here are their tips and for addressing your invitations simply and flawlessly.


Pro tip: The rule of thumb for addressing invitations is to spell everything out. This includes both names as well as addresses.


Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

2685 Pacific Avenue

San Francisco, California 94115

For the inner envelope, write their respective title and the last name, omitting the first and middle names.

Example: Mr. Smith

How to address the Outer Envelope:

Married Couple

The proper format for a married couple is to spell out the first and last name of the husband. If you wish to include the husband’s middle name, then spell it out, as well.

Example: Mr. and Mrs. John Mason or Mr. and Mrs. John Robert Mason

Female Flying Solo

For your single female guests, address the invitation as “Ms.” For female guests under 18, use “Miss” instead.

Example: Ms. Charlotte Scott or Miss Charlotte Scott

The Bachelor

For your single male guests, address the invitation as “Mr.”

Example: Mr. Brock Miles

Unmarried Couple Who Lives Together 

For unmarried couples living together, you would put address the male first, then the female.


Mr. Timothy Miller

 Ms. Samantha Roberts

Military Title

For a woman who outranks her husband, put her name first.

Example: The Honorable Christine Droessler and Mr. Matthew Droessler

Doctor Title

For a woman who outranks her husband, put her name first.

Example: Dr. Mary Russell and Mr. Scott Russell

For couples who are both doctors and use the same last name, address the invitation as “The Doctors” and their last name.

Example: The Doctors Miller

For couples who are both doctors but use different last names, you would use their title “Dr.” then spell out both their first and last names putting the party with the higher ranking first.

Example: Dr. Samantha Jones and Dr. Samuel Goodman

The Plus One

When you know the name of the guest, you should address the invitation according to the above rules.


Mr. Michael Rocks

Ms. Ruth Goodman

For guests with a plus one and you do not know the name of the guest, address the outer envelope as according to the rules above. On the inner envelope, you would then address it with  “and Guest”.

Example: Outer Envelope: Mr. John Marks, Inner Envelope: Mr. Marks and Guest


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