Pottery Barn & Fair Trade: How It Works

At Pottery Barn, we know the power of a purchase. That’s why we’re proud of our Fair Trade Certified™ product offering is growing, from organic sheets to holiday decor. When you buy items that are Fair Trade Certified™, you can be sure they were crafted with respect for people and the planet – and that your purchase is making a difference. Here’s how it works.

We Partner with Fair Trade Certified™ Factories
Since 2015, we have partnered with factories around the world to make a difference in the lives of the people who make our products. Fair Trade Certified™ factories are held to rigorous social, environmental and economic standards that assure safe working conditions, improved livelihoods, protection of fundamental human rights, environmental protection, worker empowerment, opportunities for women and more.

Your Purchases Give Back
For every Fair Trade Certified™ product you buy, we send funds back to the factory where it was made. These funds go into a community managed bank account and are used by the workers themselves to address their wants and needs.

People’s Lives and the Planet are Improved
The money can be used to build a childcare facility near the factory, to purchase bicycles, to start a college scholarship program, to build a health clinic in the community or taken as cash bonuses. The possibilities are boundless, but what matters is that it’s up to the workers to decide. Every project is decided by a collective vote by the worker community.

Want to learn more about the difference Fair Trade makes?  Learn more at www.fairtradecertified.org.




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