Guest Post: How to Style Your Coffee Table

coffeetable6Caitlin Moran has an eye for the beautiful. As the Editorial Director of The Glitter Guide, she’s honed her natural taste into a skill for styling that many of us wish we had. We asked Caitlin to share some of her best styling tips for living room coffee tables — keep reading to see how she combines elegant, casual and unexpected elements into one lovely display.


Caitlin’s #1 Tip: Utilize trays to corral knick-knacks and trinkets.
Bonus: A large tray can turn an ottoman into an instant coffee table!

candlesCaitlin’s #2 Tip: Candles set the mood and add a bit of height and dimension to a horizontal surface.
Bonus: Stagger candles in different heights for added visual interest that breaks up a coffee table’s expanse. Go flameless if you have children or pets for a worry free display.
caitlin1(photo from The Glitter Guide)

Caitlin’s #3 Tip: Books, books books! They add character, are a great conversation piece and create height when stacked.
Bonus: Stack books organized by cover color for playful pop in your coffee table vignette.


Caitlin’s #4 Tip: Fresh flowers or a live potted plant like a cactus or succulent add life and color to your coffee table.
Bonus: Airplants and succulents add on-the-spot greenery without the day-to-day care that other houseplants require.

coffeetable5Caitlin’s #5 Tip: Change it up! Don’t be afraid to move things around until you have an arrangement you like and change up your decor seasonally!
Bonus: A single seasonal accent — like a new vase or holiday ornament — could be all you need to change your coffee table display from month to month.

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