Giveaway: Win a Set of Our New Gypsy Spice Jars!

The new year is just around the corner — for many of us, that means it’s time to roll up our sleeves and start to clean, declutter, organize and refresh our homes.

We want to help you take advantage of the blank slate that comes with the new year, and turn your home into a haven, so we’re giving away 10 sets of our Gypsy Spice Jars from our latest collection. These terracotta jars with cork lids are glazed in colorful, fresh hues to keep your cooking supplies organized and your kitchen looking great.


Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this post, and we’ll pick our winners. Good luck!

Official contest rules can be found here.

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I love..love pottery burn. Recently we bought kitchen table and buffet. And I am in love. Need more stuff from you guys. Thank you.

I just got engaged, and I will be getting married this summer! So my fiance and I are planning to register at Pottery Barn, and we would love to have these spice jars in our new kitchen! My soon-to-be husband loves to cook and every time we are cooking together, he kicks me out of the kitchen. Love this giveaway!!

Very nice looking way to store spices. The jars they are in from the grocery store are UUUUGGGGLLLLYYYYY! But we have an entire cabinet of them, and these little jars would be perfect to store the most often used ones, out where they can be seen! Love them!

Just moved into a smaller place with less cabinets to store all my spices. These would be the answer to my space issues, plus would keep them fresh.

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