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Fifteen Minutes with Photographer Jones Crow

Celebrity photographer Jones Crow is a busy man.  When he isn’t photographing celebrities like Arianna Grande, he is traveling the world shooting for a myriad of brands clamoring to work with him for his bold aesthetic and curated eye.  We had the opportunity to carve out 15-minutes  with Jones during LA Art Walk and ask him a few questions about this style, his work and if living in a loft is as cool as we all imagine.


As a photographer/visual artist how would you define your creative aesthetic?

Striking, timeless, and clean.

Is there an artist right now that is inspiring you with their work?

I’m inspired by anyone being creative. It’s motivating. When I see anyone doing their art I think, I need to go do mine.  Photography is all about practice and creatively portraying your story. Visually, I’m reminded to be an artist by so many things daily, from architecture to furniture, ads in magazines to billboards.

We see that you are hosting Rachel Brown’s art here in your studio? How did that come about?

We both are not sure exactly how we became friends on Facebook!  Over the years, I’ve seen her art develop into such incredible beauty! I’m a total fan of her, not only of her art but of her as a person. She’s truly an incredible human.  The Brewery Artwork was right around the corner and I personally didn’t have any of my own work prepared and I thought it would be such a waste to not utilize my space for a gallery, so I asked Rachel!


How, if at all, does your work define your personal style?  

I’m very fond of things that appear timeless. I suppose that’s my style.  I’m attracted to things I feel are classic or will be classic.

How do you define your personal style?

Simple yet complicated.

You live in a space that doubles as your studio.  Did the space’s duality impact the pieces you chose?

Not exactly. I just have a basic theme for my space – mid-century modern American vintage is what I call it. Pottery Barn fits right in. When shopping for furniture or decorations, whether in a department store or at a flea market, I look for things that I will want to keep forever and that will last more than my lifetime.


What are the must have elements you need in your space?

Great lighting and a cozy place to sit and hang with friends.

As a photographer, what appealed to you about the Pottery Barn pieces you selected?  

That the pieces I chose feel classic.

What are 1-2 things you look for when selecting furniture for your own space?

A classic aesthetic and the right price.

How do you like to incorporate photographic art in a space/room?

I’m still sort of new to the interior decor world. My walls have usually only had pictures of family on them in the past.  This studio is such a blank canvas and after seeing all of Rachel’s Brown’s beautiful art hung up for the Artwalk, I’m very inspired to decorate. I do intend on having paintings and photography hanging around but I have no idea what it will look like in a year. That’s the fun part I guess.

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What are one or two things that you love about your space?

I love how big and open it is. Also, the lighting is great from the large window.


Who has  been your favorite person to shoot and why?

Ariana Grande. I was able to travel the world photographing a legend in the making. I’m a lucky guy.

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Photo Credit: Jones Crow // Brett Erickson

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