Small Spaces, Big Ideas Sweepstakes

Enter the Small Spaces, Big Ideas Sweepstakes

You may dream about living in a sprawling mansion with too many rooms to count, but there’s probably a chance that reality doesn’t quite match your fantasy. Working with a small space — or a less-than-grand budget — can make it difficult to find furniture, decorative accessories, and storage solutions that fit both your lifestyle and your limited space. Even if your home has plenty of space, you may have your very own small-space challenges to solve.

If you’re in need of some small changes with a huge impact, then now’s the time to enter our Small Spaces, Big Ideas Sweepstakes! One lucky winner will be chosen to receive $1,500 in Pottery Barn merchandise from our fabulous new Small Space Collection!

Read below for full details on entering for a chance to win, then be sure to view the full Small Space Collection. What are you waiting for? Enter now!

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Small Spaces, Big Ideas Sweepstakes

Small Spaces, Big Ideas Sweepstakes


How To Enter

  1. Follow Pottery Barn on Pinterest.
  2. Create a board called “Pottery Barn’s Small Spaces, Big Ideas
  3. Pin at least ten (10) of your favorite items from the Pottery Barn Small Spaces Collection, and include the hashtag #mypotterybarn with each pin.
  4. Complete the form below and click Submit. It’s as easy as that!

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Pottery Barn’s Small Spaces, Big Ideas Sweepstakes is now closed.

Thanks for your interest, and be sure to check out our full Small Space Collection today!


By entering your name and email address, you are agreeing to the Official Rules of the Pottery Barn Small Spaces, Big Ideas Sweepstakes. Contact information provided will be used to notify the winner; we will never sell or share your information with anyone.


Thanks for the opportunity! I love pottery barn and this new collection. I would love at least one of everything. Lol

I love your new collection and am excited for the opportunity to possibly dream up a new office with you guys to help with my new endeavors!! Thanks and much love Pottery Barn!

What a fun contest…love the collection…especially as a PB lover living in 900 sq feet! Thanks for thinking of us! 🙂

Also entered, pinned and love the selection! I wish the best of luck to all of us who entered!
With peace and gratitude,
Rochelle Holmgren

I am so clueless when it comes to decorating. I click on the items and see the set up and think “ahhh. That’s how it’s supposed to look.”

Love, love, love Pottery Barn. Purchased so many pieces for my home and my adult children’s homes. Every room has a Pottery Barn touch!

I’m having trouble posting the #mypotterybarn comment on Pinterest. It’s saying it’s blocking it because it thinks it’s spam. Frustrating, to say the least. I’m still going to keep trying but please be aware of this issue. Thanks!

❤️ all thee ideas you guy’s have I’m desperate of a makeover on my small master bedroom, Thank you for thee opportunity to have it done With this sweepstakes

Being given the chance to make my house more like a home to raise my children in is awfully kind of you. Just going through your board is inspiring! Thank you all at Pottery Barn!

I would love this opportunity to win this contest. My husband and I live in an 800 sq ft house with no basement or attic for storage. This would help us tremendously. I love pottery barn and have registered with them for our wedding 6 years ago . I love the pieces I received as gifts and aspire a lot of my decor from their collections. Here goes nothing!

Love Pottery Barn!! Thank you for thinking of those living in smaller spaces…love, love, love your new collection♡ #mypotterybarn

This would be so Awesome to WIN.. 1 Because I Love Pottery Barn, and 2 My Sister and I are doing some
Decorating in our Double-wide Mobile Home we bought last year, and I know this would be just the help that
we would need.. Were both on Fixed Incomes and could Spend this easily at Pottery Barn.. Gosh we really
Love the Chance …Thank you Kindly

Jeffrey M
Maxine P

So excited for this. I just recently discovered the small spaces collection and it would be perfect for my new house!!! ❤

I live for the new collection! I’m a lover of all things compact, versatile, and stylish! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

I live in Queens, NYC and my apartment if quite small. I REALLY love Pottery Barn as well as THIS SMALL SPACE Collection! It is functional, practical and gorgeous!! I NEED 1 of everything!!! Fingers Crossed!

Hey what can I say, that everyone else has’nt said about your Fab Collection!!! I too Love this modern Day Idea
In a Largely populated country with Rising Rents & Mortgages Most People today can only afford Small Spaces!
And allot of people now are going for the mini houses, the Refurbishing of Campers,School Buses,Maybe if your Lucky a Tree-House:) But also I know in city’s like NYC Apartments are very expensive, thus architects are now designing Compact space apartments… I think your Collection is a Huge Winner!

love everything Pottery Barn . I raised 3 sons & had a construction worker husband and did it with always having having a white Pottery Barn couch. . I would love to have all Potter y Barn through my house. . We bought an older home and have redone all of it.. M y house needs some Pottery Bayern Loe style. My house now is small needs some REAL Pottery Barn function. Love me some real style in real

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