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10 Eco-Friendly Cards For Earth Day That Celebrate Bicycling

To celebrate Earth Day on the 22nd of April, we’re looking at some of our favorite ways to add green elements to your life — such as the use of eco-friendly cards. What makes this roundup of cards even better is that they’re themed around another favorite eco activity, bicycling. According to a report quoted in Forbes, if American drivers replaced just one four-mile car trip with a bike each week for the entire year, it would save more than two billion gallons of gas, for a total savings of $7.3 billion a year, based on $4 a gallon for gas.

Not only is bicycling good for the planet and good for your health, the bicycle itself is a handsome tool that lends itself wonderfully to art or notecards.




Check out some of our favorite cards from independent sellers in the slideshow below. From thank you stationery to blank cards just waiting for your thoughtful note to a best friend, we think you’ll agree that these bicycle-themed cards are perfect for spring letter writing. All are eco cards as well, with features such as nontoxic inks, recycled cardstock, or wildflower seeds embedded into the cards. Do you have a favorite among our selections?

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