Easy, Bohemian Wedding Style: DIY Succulent Headband


Written by Christy Hulsey, Colonial House of Flowers

I’ve really developed a weakness for succulents — they make everything so interesting and show-stoppingly gorgeous. Plus, when I think about how the plants will live on long after the arrangement is made, I get excited by all of the new energy.


I teamed up with Kaitlyn Baxter to show you how our little shop made this succulent bridal headband. We’ve become the best of friends — we’ve worked on weddings side-by-side for forever, and I’m excited to tell you she thinks these little sprouts are as ridiculously awesome as I do.

Let’s get started!

Floral Glue

IMG_5305 copy



1. Choose and cut ribbon. I’m in love with double sided satin ribbon because with its high thread count, the color stands out and has an elegant feel that is versatile. It’s beautiful on both sides.


Tip: Choose a color like pewter for an artistic look that compliments your dress.



2. Trim the succulents. Begin attaching them onto the ribbon with glue, one at a time. Tuck them here and there to add texture and interest. The excess leaves or blooms may be trimmed.


Note: The glue — this stuff is sticky. You’re gonna get it on your fingers. It’s easily rolled off as it’s harmless.


3. Once you have the halo covered all the way around, add in a few special pieces that are different sizes or colors. A few snips of silver brunia were added to give the design sophistication.

Cohens_Blues_78 (1)

This DIY is proof that BIG wedding day style can be easy. This is a great project that can be done with a family member, at a bridal shower or one afternoon over a glass of wine with a sweet fun lovin’ friend — just like I did.


Location: Savannah, Georgia
Project: Camp Makery
Succulent Halo: Colonial House of Flowers
Photography: Izzy Hudgin Photography with Rachel Strickland Photography
Event Styling: French Knot Studios
Hair & Makeup: Jessica Duthu
Venue: Cohen’s Retreat
Dress: James Gunn
Succulents: Windham Greenhouses
Wine: Cameron Hughes
Ribbon: Lion Ribbon

PS: This halo is also featured on Ruffled!


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