A Locally-Oriented Gallery Wall and Vintage Yardstick Collection

We love unusual collections, and when Pottery Barn fan Deb sent in these photos of her home, we were delighted with her great style — and her yardstick collection. We caught up with Deb to ask her about her style and collection.


Can you tell us about your yardstick collection?

“I started the yardstick collection about seven years ago. I purchased about 30 at a local auction, and I just continue to add to it. The only criteria I have is that they be local. Friends and family quite often gift me with them.”

How did you create your gallery wall? Do you have any favorite art pieces on the wall?

“My gallery wall has grown over the years. It started with the gift of a Charles Capps woodcut. He was an original member of the Prairie Print Makers (A small group of Kansas artists that wanted to promote print making). From there I have tried to acquire works from other artists in Kansas. They have come from auctions, estate sales, Goodwill and my mother-in-law’s closet. My favorite might be the large pumpkin, which I don’t think can be seen in the photos. It is my daughter’s work from an art class in 4th grade!”


What do you love about this area of your home?

“The credenza was a purchase from an auction about 10 years ago. Its first life may have been in a garage, but I loved it. It fits perfectly along the living room wall and has lots of great storage. I also love it because it provides a great base for displaying objects. The lamps were made by my husband from old table legs and cast iron floor lamp bases. I love them.”



What Pottery Barn pieces did you use here?

“The trencher bowl or dough bowl is from Pottery Barn and was a gift. It is the perfect showcase for the yardstick collection. For fall it has been filled with gourds and at Christmas with pinecones and poinsettias.”

Thanks for sharing your home with us, Deb! If you want to show off your home as well, make sure to submit photos and information here.

Debbie is a good friend of mine. She has an amazing talent to take everyday objects and find just the perfect place for them in her home. She never fails to inspire me with her decorating style.

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