One Gorgeous Greek Engagement Shoot, PLUS Our Top Destination Engagement Shoot Tips

A romantic, sun-drenched engagement shoot in Greece — we can’t think of a better way to start down the path as a soon-to-be married couple, can you?



Kristin and Scott chose the talented Eric Kelley to shoot these special photos. We love how the couple embraced the environment’s bright hues and casual style (that coral maxi dress is amazing).

Take a look at their gorgeous engagement shoot in Greece, plus our quick tips for destination engagement shoots, below.






Our 3 top tips for destination engagement shoots:

1. Find a photographer that both of you are comfortable with. Whether he/she is traveling with you, or you’re meeting them there, it’s worth it to be picky here — your pictures will definitely reflect how much fun (or lack thereof) you were having that day.

2. Make sure either you or the photographer are familiar with possible locations at your destination. If your photographer is a local, make sure you tell him/her what you’re looking to get out of this shoot. If your photographer is traveling with you, do your research ahead of time and map out locations that you’ll want to visit/shoot at in advance.

3. Check the weather and plan accordingly. Weather is an issue for any engagement shoot, but if you’re doing this on vacation, you’ll want to be extra careful. Have backup indoor locations on your list, and plenty of weather-friendly wardrobe options.






Dianna Lopez – LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Maria is a good friend of mine and you rlleay captured her in way I’ve never seen. She is so stunning. Awesome work!!November 17, 2010 11:45 pm

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