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Decorating With Succulents

We are firm believers in the idea that the “outdoors belong indoors” if you want to inject a sense of life and vitality into a space.  But how do you approach the idea of bringing the outdoors, well indoors especially if you happen to have a black thumb?  We think one of the chicest and easiest ways is by using succulents.  Not only are they easy to maintain (well mostly) but depending on your style, they can be introduced into your decor in a variety of different ways.

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Make Them The Focal Point Of Your Table…

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Succulent Tabletop

Who says you need flowers for a centerpiece?  We think succulents lend themselves beautifully for creating dramatic and long-living centerpieces.  Think about using fun container like a beautiful dough bowl or bathroom accessories (no one has to know) to add an unexpected twist to a coffee table vignette or a table setting. To recreate the dough bowl centerpiece, we suggest sticking to 2-3 types of small succulents, an ivy and moss.  Line the bottom of the bowl with plastic, insert the plants in their containers and cover any openings with moss.  Keeping the plants in their containers allows you to easily swap out any plants as needed.


Go for Drama With Height or Unexpected Containers…



Go big or go home!  Succulents are innately dramatic thanks to their unique shape and leaf structure, so emphasize this by giving them room to shine.  Donkey tail, String of Pearls or Jellybean plants are excellent candidates to mimic the above look.  To replicate, depending on the size of your vessel, we suggest using either a large pillar candlestick or a cake stand.  Also think about ways to frame out the succulents by recycling existing containers you have at home like a stoneware serving bowl or even a coffee mug.

Go Vertical …



We think succulent wreaths are so chic and an unique take on the traditional door hanging.  Depending on how much maintenance you want, you can either use live wreath or a faux version.  If you do opt for the live succulent wreath, the great thing is that it can be planted later on for future enjoyment!

Whether you love greenery or not, decorating with succulents is a quick, fun and stylish way to inject life into any area of your home!  Looking for more floral options, check out our entire selection of real and faux greenery.

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Succlents are awesome. But they look SO GOOD in a Pottery Barn container. Love the dough bowl more than anything!! Thank you Pottery Barn for making our plants so pretty and happy!

I love all the short cuts,that are in your posts,The Flowers,The easy to do, clean ups,just love all the easy ways things can be made and done.

Nice ideas for the home and beautiful designs. I live in the Deep South and can grow them outside. Well, we do have to bring them on to a porch or a tile floor and maybe to the shower rooms and in some cases we cover them up and hope for the best. What you need to show is how to take the moss or soil and plant them for your designs, this is an art.

Hey, Ryan! We made the living centerpiece at the very top in the dough bowl. I love succulents. It’s easy. We add styrofoam, like broken up styrofoam packing peanuts. Recycled. It makes the soil really light and airy. I also line the container with foil. And add rocks — this is all if there’s no drainage hole. If there’s a drainage then just the styrofoam/soil mix. It’s inexpensive and easy!

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