How To Create A Stylish Closet


If there is one home decor wish list item on almost every girl’s list — it’s a big beautiful closet! While most of us probably have less closet space than we’d like, there are still a few ways to really make your closet your favorite spot in your room! Here is what the experts here at PBteen are saying about getting your closet in tip top shape for spring…

Step 1: Get Inspired!


Okay, so you might not have all the space to create the dream closet slash office that blogger Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies has above (wowza, that’s pretty, though!), but that doesn’t mean these types of spaces can’t inspire your design! Head to Pinterest or rip out a few pages of an old magazine to help get you started. While you might not have the space or money for an entire island in your closet, you might catch a few things you love like a pretty tray for your perfumes or a few shoeboxes to display your prettiest heels.

Step 2: Take it ALL outimg40o

If you want to get your closet in tip top shape, it starts with organizing! Take out everything — your shoes, your old school uniform, that bag you’ve been meaning to donate, and sort through it all. Make a few piles — keep, donate, store, trash. Keep items you still wear, donate items you don’t but that are still in great shape, store out-of-season items, and trash items that are lookin’ a little too funky for anyone (ie: items with holes!). If you find you have too many items for your closet, try hanging a few of your prettiest pieces for display on a rolling rack in your bedroom. Not only does this create storage, but it helps you deck out your space with pretty fashion items too!

Step 3: Add Great Storage Solutionsimg7o

Alright, now that you’ve decided what goes and what stays it’s time to load it all back in! Only this time, we’re going to make sure everything has a home 🙂

Here’s what you’ll want to do:

  • Color Code — keep everything color coded and organized by length. For example you’d place a white tank, before a white short sleeve top, before a white sweater, then you’d move onto creams, yellows, oranges, etc. This doesn’t just look great — it’ll save you time when you’re getting ready!
  • Baskets & Bins — Don’t just shove hats, belts, and scarves into corners. Add nails to hang hats high up, or if there is no room grab a few baskets and bins to stash them neatly. This is also a great way to store clutches and other hard to organize items.
  • Hanging Organization — Add extra space for folded items with hanging organizer. This is a great place to stash t-shirts and jeans, or even handbags you don’t want to get squished!
  • Shoe Hanger — We love the idea of placing each shoe on a shelf specially built in and dedicated to our closet, but let’s get real — most of us don’t have that kinda space! A hanging shoe organizer allows you to show off your treasured with almost no foot space taken up! (Plus, stay tuned, we have another idea below if you’re dying to showcase those shoes!)

Step 4: Don’t Ditch The Details!8f9382588f394464b01c9aee4d26fab3

If you have a little extra space (we suggest hanging a shelf if you don’t!) add something really special, like a cute apothecary jar to hold jewelry. This has a big impact without costing a lot of taking up much room. You can also do this on your vanity or desk if your closet feels too cramped. You can also use pretty shelves to create space for your most treasured bags, shoes, or photos too! (We love how Julia of Lemon Stripes Blog did just that, below!)aaa005d86fb97ccfebe52caa413e4fe1

Step 5: Expand If You Need To


If you’re in a dorm room or a small room with little closet space, don’t be scared to take a few favorite items and put them on display elsewhere. A few pairs of shoes on a shelf act both as decor and help make some extra space. You can do this with bags too, or as we mentioned above — invest in a rolling rack and stash your favorite items right out in the open!

Lastly…don’t forget to let your personality shine! Have fun and express yourself with your space. What closet tips do YOU have? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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