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Hey guys, Julia from Lemon Stripes Blog here today to chat about my recent closet makeover! Since I last checked in with you guys (see my last room makeover post here) I moved from a teeny apartment in Manhattan to the suburbs of Connecticut. One of many welcome changes was getting more closet space. I managed to get a walk in the walk-in closet to myself (score!), so I thought for sure that I would have a ton of extra space. Oh how wrong I was – shortly after moving in it ended up being packed to the brim as you can see in the photos below. Some storage solutions were needed, STAT!

PB Teen Closet 4
The Issue: As a fashion blogger (or…as most girls, really!) I have a lot of clothing, shoes, and accessories, so it’s important to stay organized to keep my closet from looking like a jungle. My closet always looks a little messier than most because of my affinity for color and patterns which are inherently more busy than a closet of black and white or solids. With the help of PBteen I came up with three easy tips for getting your closet in tip top shape, here’s what I did…

PB Teen Closet 13

Quick Tip 1 — Pretty Shelves: I purposely kept the left wall of my closet free for two gorgeous shelves that house beautiful things. I like to be inspired in every room of my home and the closet is no exception! That’s why I left the bottom shelf for inspiration, right now these peonies and bright orange boxes are totally doing the trick. Meanwhile the top shelf holds the two of my many bags that I’m currently using the most – this makes getting going in the morning that much easier. My best tip is to keep items that you use the most (like my bags) easy to find to make getting going in a pinch as easy as possible. We’ve all gone hunting for our bags in the morning before class or a meeting – not a great way to start the day!

PB Teen Closet 8

Quick Tip 2 — Keep Clutter Hidden:  Some items are just difficult to make look organized no matter how hard you try. That’s where these gold and white boxes come in! On the top shelf these pretty decorative boxes hold all of the pieces that I don’t need to reach on a daily basis like bathing suits, off-season clothing, and fancy clutches. (Seriously, have you tried making bathing suits and clutches look organized…it’s impossible!) Keeping everything in beautiful matching boxes keeps that top shelf from looking cluttered while still keeping everything organized. If you are hyper into organization you could also add pretty labels to tell you what’s inside each one. I haven’t quite taken mine that far yet!

PB Teen Closet 10

Quick Tip 3 — Create More Space for Folded Items: The blue hanging storage you see in the right hand side is a life-saver because it can display my favorite sweaters for easy access. While a chest of drawers is great I find that I often forget about pieces when I don’t actually see them in front of me while I am getting ready. This hanging organizer lets me fold everything neatly while still keeping these items in plain sight. In the summer, I’ll swap them out for tank tops since that’s what I’ll be using the most!

Keeping a closet organized is always a work in progress – but so far I am really pleased! What are your top tips? Be sure to share with me and the PBteen team in the comments below!

This post has inspired me to get in my closet and get it more organized. One of my favorite organization/closet tips is to use a hanging jewelry organizer, so that you can hang it on your clothes rack, and see all of your pieces easily.

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