color crush: navy

color crush navyAs we head full force into fall we are noticing a shift in the things we’re swooning over — it’s little shifts from iced tea to cocoa, short sleeves to cardigans, and we’ve even noticed we’re grabbing the jewel toned nail polish over the neons. This brings us to our October color crush — Navy. Last time we chatted about the cool factor of chambray, but this month we thought we’d move the spotlight over to a darker, more chic shade of blue — navy. Here are just a few ways the color has inspired us this month…

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Fashion — While fall typically means the transition from summer hues to darker tones, this doesn’t mean you have to dress head to toe in gloomy colors. Navy is fab because while dark in color — it still has a lot of life to it! We’re feeling completely inspired by the way bloggers  have mixed navy with softer colors like blush pink. (Cute hat, too! 😉 )

DIYs — Remember when we showed you how to wrap your notebooks to keep them in pristine condition? Why not try with a pretty navy wrapping paper like the one above from Sugar Paper LA. The crisp blue and white combo will make your text books just a bit more fun, plus save your leftover paper for the upcoming gift giving season!

Tech Accessories — Dress up your tech! We love swapping our our tech cases according to our mood or the season. Right now we’re totally feeling this pool and navy patterned one.

Decor — Add an easy touch of fall sophistication by swapping out pillow covers, or go big by adding a navy accent wall. We also love simple touches like a great piece of wall decor (like this “Friends” hanging art) or a pretty task lamp to sit atop your desk!

Study Space — Speaking of which…now that school is in full swing, make your study space somewhere you want to be! We love a great accent wall, or organizing your space with pretty containers like these solid canvas bins.

What color are YOU crushing on right now? Be sure to share in the comments below.

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