Chic Style for Adult and Kids’ Thanksgiving Table Decor


Voila — it’s finished! Your Thanksgiving table is a visual masterpiece of garlands, candles and perfectly pressed table linens. When you’ve put this much work into your Thanksgiving table decor, you don’t want to let the kids’ table become an afterthought of plastic tablecloths and utensils. After reading your questions from our last Pottery Barn Live event, it’s clear that this is a common issue: How do you mesh adult and kids’ Thanksgiving tables?

We love how Megan Bailey of Sweet Little Peanut incorporated a single design style (with some of our favorite fall pieces) into her adult and kids’ Thanksgiving table decor for this year. It’s simple, chic and best of all — practical.


Take a look at her tips + more photos from Becky Kimball on the Pottery Barn Kids’ blog!

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