A Holiday Cocktail with Ken Fulk

Cheers! A Classic Holiday Cocktail with Ken Fulk

San Francisco-based author, interior designer, and entertaining expert Ken Fulk creates fanciful, contemporary events and interiors for clients all over the world. Now that the holidays are in full swing, it’s time to shake off the chill and unwind, which is why we asked Ken for an effortlessly easy, sophisticated, delicious cocktail. His pick: The Boulevardier, a classic cocktail that’s easier to make than it is to pronounce.

You can even bring a bit of Ken’s magic to your own home with his exclusive collection with Pottery Barn.

What are you waiting for? Make yourself a drink, sit back, and let the spirits of the season take you away!

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Ken Fulk's Holiday Boulevardier


  • ¾ oz (1 part) Campari
  • ¾ oz (1 part) Sweet Vermouth
  • 1 ½ oz (2 parts) Rye Whiskey


1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, or chill it in the freezer for five minutes.

2. Pour all ingredients into the cocktail shaker.

3. Fill your cocktail glass ⅔ full of ice.

4. Strain the mixture into your cocktail glass.

5. Garnish with an orange twist, sip, and enjoy!

Grey Break

Ken Fulk's Holiday Collection


Grey Break

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