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Celebrating New Traditions with the Hunted Interior

The holidays seem to bring out most people’s sense of nostalgia; Grandma’s cookie recipe, the need to wear a favorite sweater or a sense to resurrect or create a tradition.  It’s that last piece, the creation and maintenance of a tradition, that is so wonderful about the holidays.  The drive and desire to preserve tradition runs deep in most but especially in blogger and designer Kristin of the Hunted Interior.   Her home is a mix of family keepsakes, new purchases and a good amount of do-it-yourself know-how & sweat equity. The combination creates a space that is definitely modern but with a warm sensibility.

White Tree

This ability to merge to new with the old is why we asked Kristin to participate in our 12 Days of Tradition campaign, where we are celebrating those among us who are finding ways to pass along, nurture & create traditions.  We asked Kristin to share a few of hers on the blog:

What is a tradition you have with your family during the holidays?
Christmas day the entire family relaxes & stays in our pajamas all day.  Rather than worrying about a formal Christmas Dinner, we sip hot cocoa & enjoy each other.

Is there a family heirloom (old or new) that you love to display during the holidays?
Our new Santa Mugs!  I grew up with the red versions & after a few moves, the original versions have gone missing.  I love having one of my favorite holiday memories reborn with my own children.

Santa Blanca Mugs

Do you have one tip for avoiding the holiday stress?
I get a big head start on buying presents.  Normally, I am done by Thanksgiving! But one tip is to stock up on a few extra special ornaments… they are great to add to the top of a gift or even as a hostess present for those last minute parties!

What’s the one thing you look forward to during the holidays?
Watching the magic through my five year old’s eyes.  I have always loved Christmas, but now it is extra special with her.

To read more about Kristin’s traditions and to see more stunning photography, head over to Hunted Interior!

Photography: Hunted Interior

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