Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With Our Drink Dispensers

This year, Cindo de Mayo falls on a Sunday, and given the gorgeous spring weather as of late, we think it’s only appropriate to move the party outside. Luckily, our drink dispensers are the perfect vessel for mixing up a batch of margaritas — or, if you’re throwing a Cinco de Mayo brunch, perhaps tequila sunrises are more your speed.img93z

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite drink recipes courtesy of Taste, See if you can find a favorite below!

We love the idea of serving these cocktails in the Monterrey old fashioned glasses. They’re made of melamine, so they’re worry free — even if one’s dropped, it will bounce instead of break.



To encourage you to throw more outdoor parties, we’re giving away a set of six Monterrey old fashioned glasses along with your choice of drink dispenser (find the official rules here). To enter, just fill out the form below!


Thank you for reading! This contest is now closed.

I think these just make any occasion classier. Having tons of cartons and bottles on a table can lead to spills, overuse, and is just too cluttered!

These would be great for everyday use. Set it on the counter with cucumbers and lemons in water and it would be a quick and easy way for the entire family to have something heathy to drink instead of grabbing soda! I would also use it through out the summer for adult beverages during get togethers!! I think it makes it easy entertaining!

I love them. I recently went on a trip and in the hotel lobby they had one of your dispensers filled with water, ice and three varieties of fruit. So what a great idea. I want one so I can keep in my kitchen all summer filled with fruit water. So fleshing. I think they are so pretty, so why not use them all the time and not just for parties.

I love the look of the drink dispensers…so vintage & country sheek!!! Great look on the glasses too!!!

The drink dispenser make everything look elegant nd tidy. you don’t a bunch of bottles or cans littering the table

Such a great giveaway & perfect for upcoming Spring & Summer get-togethers! I LOVE Pottery Barn drink dispensers – pretty, functional and the perfect size, I’d love one to spoil friends with!! 🙂

love these, I need them for an upcoming graduation party and a sweet sixteen party! I really would love to win!

These just add some Class to your party. Would love these on my patio this summer for BBQ get togethers.

I was admiring these the other day at the PotteryBarn. They are lovely. It would look great next to one of the Lanterns I purchased!!

I have been looking for charming drink dispensers like these. I bought two last summer from another brand, but very poor quality. I am totally getting one of these for our new patio this Summer!!! 😀

A drink dispenser has been on my wish list for a few years! I would have it out all the time with water on my counter .. great health wise for the family but also an open invitation for those stopping by to sit for a chat. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

It looks amazing and it’s also tidy. You can come up with drinks that go along with your menu make a large quantity and not having to continually make a drink every time. It’s very beneficial.

I absolutely love all of these!! I’m going to stop in to my local store this weekend to choose a favorite one to buy!

I just love these. I went to a party this past weekend at a friends place and just fell in love with them. They are absolutely gorgeous. I am throwing a house warming party and these would go so well with the theme.

We are building a brand new deck and will be throwing a summer BBQ for all of our friends once it is finished. These would be amazing to set out and let people help themselves!

I really like the containers, but even more, I like the pictures. Gives me a great idea as to what to put in them this summer while entertaining in our new neighbors in our new house!!

I really need the dispenser with the turquoise base! our upcoming fajita party would just be so much classier! thanks for a chance…Marlis

PB has the most beautiful dispensers, so hard to find them with stainless steel spouts, you can always count on PB for having the best of everything!!!

What a beautiful way to entertain for summer…..the table sets the party!
Thank you Pottery Barn for making entertaining fun!

Love that the glasses are made of melamine! Looks great and safe for outdoor entertaining! Beautiful selection of dispensers too!

those drinks look beautiful! I was asking for one of these for Mother’s Day, but got something else instead (already) so, I’m hoping to win one instead!!(fingers crossed) They’re just gorgeous, and I entertain all year round!

Amazing how much more water you drink when you fill one of these up each morning with ice and fruit. So refreshing and beautiful in the kitchen

I have several of these and love them. I just purchased the seahorse drink holder and the lifeguard chair-so cute.

Love the stands. I’ve had such a difficult finding something pretty as well as stable for my drink dispensers.

Pottery Barn has the best selection of drink dispensers and stands anywhere. From contemporary to rustic, there is something for everyone. Love their selection.

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