Calculated Space: How to Set Up Your Home Office

Shane Inman is an Interior Designer in New York City. Today, he’s sharing 5 simple tips to help you set up the perfect office work space.


From dormitory to home office to corporate office, learn how to set up your work space for optimum success. Whether you work in a Fortune 500 headquarters or are spending your work hours in a college dorm room, the space where you choose to secure your future may be helping you or hindering you. Follow these five steps to transform any inefficient work space into a your own powerhouse of creativity and motivation.


Location, location, location. The real estate that you choose to do all of your work is of the utmost importance. From a corner office to a spare closet, it needs to be all yours and off limits to the rest of the world. The most successful work environments are those where you can shut the door to avoid life’s interruptions. Place your desk in front of a window, if you are lucky enough to have one – the vitamin D will enhance your concentration and mood.


Work on it. No matter if you have a traditional desk or stacked milk crates with a plywood top, you need to have an uncluttered work surface large enough to spread out easily, in order to enable you to work on a multitude of projects simultaneously.

Light it up. Task lighting and general lighting are both important when utilizing your work space. A freestanding lamp placed on your desk will assist you with reading, while overhead lighting will illuminate the entire space.


Organization on every level. Everything needs to be impeccably organized, from the top of your desk to your filing cabinet. Any time you have to spend time searching for something is time away from what you really need to be doing.

Superior surroundings. Your office should be all your own. Decorate and design your environment with items that inspire and motivate you personally. Live plants release oxygen that is good for the body, and pictures of loved ones will remind you of why you are doing all of this in the first place.

Don’t underestimate your home office needs! Whether we are an ambitious college student or a chief executive officer, we all require our own calculated work space to thrive in our tasks.

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i own the bedford desk and file cabinet. Something fell down behind the bottom drawer. Can anyone tell me hoe to remove the drawer

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