Black & White Halloween

Black, White, and Such a Fright: Halloween Without Orange

What’s black and white and spooky all over? Our top picks for a classic (and classy) Halloween! Bright oranges, yellows, and reds may be the colors of the season, but one thing’s for sure: You can never go wrong with good ol’ black and white. Instead of decorating with colors that clash with your home’s year-round look and feel, elevate your Halloween style this year with thoughtful and timeless black and white décor. To help you get started, we’ve put together this quick-and-easy guide to inspire, impress, and excite every ghoul and goblin who comes knocking this Halloween!   Check the bottom of post for a list of all items listed.

Black & White Halloween

It’s easy to incorporate Halloween decor in to your every day when you stick with a classic palette of black and white.  By adhering to this timeless design motif, whimsical decorations such as skeletons, bats and witches take on sculptural qualities while pillows in a black and white print could easily outlast their intended use and become part of your normal decor rotation.

Black & White Halloween

Get down with our crew of ghastly party goers in their best dress which of course is black and white!  Halloween party decor in black and white really pops and allows your cocktails and nibbles to take center stage.  However, you can always lay off the classic Halloween motifs and settle for mixing black and white dishware or drink ware.  Regardless of how you go, a black and white tablescape is as chic as it is spooky.

Black & White Halloween

Set the mood with lighting!  Bring down the lights and turn up with candles, in particular flameless candles.  Not only are they easier for clean-up, they run minimal chance of mishaps especially an issue when party goers may be wearing costumes.

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Products featured:

A Truly Haunted House

Party Monsters

Who’s Afraid of the Dark?

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