Bath Reno 101: Choosing a Console

Even though it’s often overlooked, the bathroom is one of the hardest working rooms in your house, and one that everyone ends up spending time in — make sure it looks, feels and works perfectly! Choosing the right console is an important part of that process. It all comes down to size, style and storage. Scroll down to learn more!


1. Size. Your vanity should feel to scale with your bathroom — a tiny console in a huge bathroom and a huge console in a small bathroom will look and feel awkward. Be realistic about how much space your bathroom has to offer. Where will you put your new vanity? Do you have a large spot under the window and space for two sinks? Then don’t be shy about choosing something grand. But if you’re stuck with a corner slot, search for something compact and super functional.


2. Storage. How many people will be using this bathroom? If it’s just you, a full console with 3 cabinets and 6 drawers might not be necessary. But don’t try shoving your family of four into a tiny console — you’ll be plagued by overflow later on. Do you have space for wall shelving? Consider other storage solutions, if necessary. Think about the practicality of drawers versus cabinets, too. Cabinets are usually necessary to conceal plumbing and can hold larger items, but drawers tend to be easier to organize and access for all family members.


3. Style. Your bathroom’s console is going to be an instant focal point in the space, so choose your style, material, finishes and hardware with care. Think about the finishes in your bathroom, as well as the rest of your house. Is most of your furniture downstairs dark wood? You might want your bathroom console to look similar. Your console or vanity also needs to withstand all of the chaos that comes with a bathroom. Changes in temperature and humidity can wreak havoc on certain materials, so choose wisely.


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