1cTanner Console Table Vignette and Gallery Wall for Pottery Barn

A Vintage-Inspired Gallery Wall Display

Laura at Finding Home recently shared this gallery wall with us, and we were smitten. We thought our readers might enjoy hearing about her experience, as well as tips for creating something similar in your own homes.



Can you tell us a little about this project? Where is it located? How did you come up with the idea?

“This project is in our kitchen, but it is also the main pathway to move through our home. I wanted to bring more personality to the wall and include things that our family loves. Plus, I was looking for a unique way to display our family photographs. I kept working on an arrangement on the floor in front of it until I found something I was happy with.”



What do you like about gallery walls?

“I like that gallery walls really fill a space and bring character in. Sometimes a piece of artwork really should be on its own to make a statement. But in this case I really wanted to pull together a collection of unique and vintage items.”


Do you have any favorite pieces amongst the photography, art and decorative objects you used here?

“The family photos of our hands and our feet are my absolute favorites. The ‘OPEN’ sign was a meaningful gift from a very dear friend. The print of the Flatiron Building used to hang in my grandfather’s office. The large key we brought back from our trip to Paris, and the boot moulds just make me swoon! So, pretty much everything is a favorite, — which is why I pulled them all together in such a central location of our home.”



Why did you decide to use the Tanner Console Table and Stool in this space?

“What I love about the Tanner Console Table and Stool is that it brings in clean and simple lines to contrast with the vintage pieces. The glass, black and smooth leather bring a contemporary edge that helps bring it all together with more character and provide a great contrast to all the wood details.”


Inspired to try a gallery wall of your own? Get Laura’s full tutorial on her blog, Finding Home.

Beautiful!! I really love the PB blog for many reasons, one of many is for being introduced to new blogs to follow for inspiration such as Finding Home! Thank you PB!

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