A Coastal-Inspired Bath, With Nautical (DIYed!) Wallpaper

Laurel From SoPo Cottage recently shared this lovely nautical-inspired bath with us, and we’re now eager to try this style in our own bath. And can you believe that she DIYed the nautical wallpaper? We chatted with Laurel to learn a little more about this space.


What was your inspiration for this room?

“When you live this close to the coast in Maine, the water influences everything. The myriad shades of blue, the sand and rocks on the beach and the ever present boat traffic are part of our everyday experience. I wanted to try and capture some of that in this tiny little powder room.”




What are some of your favorite details?

“I love the colors and texture. The shimmery glass countertop and knobs make me think of the water. The marble mosaic floor, with its multiple colors and textures ties to our rocky shores. And of course the nautical charts display our beautiful coastline.”




How hard was it to create this nautical wallpaper wall?

“The nautical charts aren’t difficult to install – it just takes a little patience. Unlike vinyl wallpaper, the paper can tear a little more easily. But if you take your time, it provides a dramatic result.”




What do your guests say about the bath’s look?

“People love this little room. And they can’t wait to find where they live on the charts or to show their favorite island to travel to!”




Why do you love nautical/coastal style?

“The official slogan of Maine is ‘The Way Life Should Be.’ To me, that’s what nautical/coastal style is all about. It’s taking time to appreciate natural beauty: soothing blues and greens, the reflection of nature with shells and sea glass, and the abundant textures you find on the coastline.”

Why do you like to shop at Pottery Barn?

“To me, Pottery Barn can be summed up in two words – casual elegance. No one wants to have the formal style of our parents – we want a casual lifestyle that is comfortable for everyone in the family. And we want beautiful things that we can use everyday. Pottery Barn really gets it right with their products, whether its for setting the table for a holiday or furnishing a relaxing bedroom retreat.”


Love the look of Laurel’s bath? Try these Pottery Barn pieces to cultivate a coastal, nautical feel in your bath.


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