11 Tips On How to Stage Your Home For Selling Season

We are going to admit a dirty secret – we are obsessed with going to open houses.  While we may not be in the mode to buy (hello San Francisco real estate), we can certainly appreciate the homes on the market.  But we really go to get inspiration on how to style our own little nest.  Walking into an open house is like walking into a mini lecture on styling, space management and editing all rolled into one neat ball with potentially a glass of wine at the end (yes we have drunk the free wine).  So it was a no brainer for us to reach out to the real estate experts at Redfin to give us tips on how you can put your best foot forward during the selling process.  A well-staged home can lead to more offers and an increase in what buyers are willing to pay.  Here are Redfin’s top staging tips to help you get your home top dollar!

Clean Up the Exterior

No matter what season you’re selling in, curb appeal is so important. The exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyer will see when they pull up. Whether you have to trim trees, paint your front door, add a new door mat, mow the lawn or fix the fence, providing a memorable first impression to potential buyers is a must.


Lighten Up the Inside

Natural light is something home buyers commonly seek in a house. Open the blinds and drapery and let the light in. Quick tip: If you have a room that’s a little darker, try adding mirrors that face each other. This will give an impression of more light and space.


Deep Clean & Stow Away Personal Items

A clean, clutter free home will also allow potential buyers to focus on the house’s potential. Give your home a deep cleaning to get rid of dust and grime. Personal items can be difficult to remove when showing a home, but a clean slate allows potential buyers to envision their own families living in the home. Stow away your family photos and any other personal items that could be distracting.  Tuck baskets into each room to quickly gather items to put away in closets or the garage.


Put the Home’s Best Features on Display

You have a view from your dining room?  A walk in closet to die for?  Marble counter tops in your kitchen and bath? Don’t hide them, show them off! Anything that may hinder the appearance of a feature (floors, view, etc.) we suggest removing or opening. For example, if the drapes are closed, open them. This will better represent the quality your home has to offer.


Decorate With Fresh Flowers

Floral arrangements are a great way to accent your home. Not only do they provide a fresh welcoming smell, they add a splash of color to any room that needs one.


Freshen up Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

Let your kitchen and bathroom shine. These are two pivotal rooms that home buyers evaluate when searching for the perfect home. Invest in some nice towel sets and rugs. If you’ve got a little extra money to spare, redoing the tile can have big payoffs.


Leave Pets With a Sitter

I love animals, but not everyone does. Make sure you keep your pets out of sight for showings. Also remove any traces (be it their hair or litter box) in order to present your home in its cleanest fashion.

Fix it Up

Small imperfections are inevitable, but when impressing home shoppers is the goal, we suggest keeping them to a minimum. A broken door handle or chipped paint can be distracting and misrepresenting of your actual care for your home. Spend a little time fixing the little things.

Clean Out Your Closet

Most would agree that they can never have too much space and storage. So we suggest removing excess or all items from your closet. This will allow viewers to see it as it will actually look when they move in. We also suggest making sure your hangers match. A variety of different hangers can be distracting and look a bit cheap.


Make the Bed

No one wants to see a messy unmade bed. With last-minute tours being so common, getting in the routine of making your bed every morning is not a bad idea! If your room is looking drab, invest in a new comforter or throw pillows to spruce it up.


Get Some Outside Opinions

Invite friends, family, coworkers or anyone else over to get honest opinions. Ask them what their initial impression is. Is there anything they feel should be changed? Your real estate agent has probable seen lots and lots of homes. Ask for their opinion. Fresh eyes and different perspectives can be a big help in getting your home presented to its fullest.

Freshen Up With Paint

If you have a little extra time on your hands, giving your walls a fresh coat of paint never hurts. Just make sure you choose neutral colors that don’t distract.

These tips combined with the feedback from your realtor can go a long way to helping turn your home into the perfect gem in a potential buyer’s eye. Need more inspiration?  Check out our Pinterest Boards for tips and ideas for every room of your home!

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