10 Expert Spring Cleaning Tips from a Pottery Barn Designer

There’s something about the weather turning warm that makes us want to throw open all the windows, scrub the floors and give our home a fresh start. Spring cleaning is an instinct for many of us — but where to begin? We had a great Facebook Chat with our organization expert, Angela, to help us get a jump start on spring cleaning this year.

chat recap

1. Functional can be comfortable and beautiful. “Our Samantha Entryway Bench in Black is great because it has cubbies for our baskets which help with extra organizing. We love how the black bench contrasts with the white of our Gabrielle System and makes your room feel more homey.”

2. Donate it! “Spring is a time to refresh, renew and revive. It’s a new start! With all new starts, it’s important to get rid of the old. If you haven’t needed it or used it in a year — donate it. Getting rid of the clutter will help you see the beautiful things you already have in your life.”


3. Set aside a spot for your pets. “We love having pets in the kitchen because they’re a part of the family. Fortunately we have pet food and treat canisters that match our Cambria Dinnerware, so your pet’s dishes can match the family’s! 

For your pup’s toys and leashes, use our bone-shaped Doggie Toy Basket right next to his dishes.”


4. Stop the paper flow at the front door. “All you need is a beautiful basket on your countertop or entry table — that’s what I do. Our large Daytrip Lidded Basket is big enough to hold magazines, and the lid keeps everything hidden and out of sight.”


5. Organize your kitchen according to workflow. “Keep things that you’ll actually cook with close to you. Our beautiful Spice Jars, Cask Crocks and Copper Canisters are great for keeping cooking tools and other essentials that you use often right at hand. To keep things from appearing cluttered, use multiples of the same organizational item.”


6. Clear your countertops. “Save your valuable tabletop and counter space for entertaining and dinner. Our Daily System is a great way to get papers up off horizontal surfaces and up on the wall. It’s an instant visual reminder! Each family member can have their own file bin or pin board — plus, it comes with a stand for phones and iPads!”


7. Take small appliances out of storage. “Get them out of the cabinets! Having appliances on hand reminds you of what you have. When things are out of sight they’re out of mind. Get the most out of your appliances by putting them out on display with our Gabrielle Organization System.

8. Declutter and organize your outdoor spaces, too. “The Torrey All Weather Wicker Cube and Hampstead Teak Storage Trunk can keep all of our big outdoor items on your porch or patio safe from weather damage. I’d put smaller items in one of our Galvanized Metal Bins, they’re perfect for candles and other accessories.”


9. Whatever it is you have out on your counter, make it beautiful. “You can take your treasured kitchen items that are beautiful objects and put them out onto the counter. Keep everything else that’s less attractive in your cabinets. Our Pantry Plate Storage Baskets can help you keep your every day dishes dishwasher-accessible.”

10. Have fun with organization! “What’s for dinner? What are we eating? Do you hear those questions a lot? Our Cafe Chalkboard is the perfect way to let your family know what’s for dinner.”


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